Ten things I’ve found being married to a farmer


It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, we celebrated our second year as Mr & Mrs, although we’ve been a couple a lot longer, time does fly. Today as I was driving the kids to school, I started thinking how I married Gavin two years ago as just Gavin, since moving to the farm I found myself married to a farmer. Sounds silly as he’s always been a farmer but we have never lived on a farm, so I thought I’d list out what it’s really, really like being married to a farmer so far that I know. I have a wee list of ten real life situations, give me another ten years and I’m sure that list will grow. Continue reading

Another day another fight

You know I like to blog about things I get up to being a farmer’s wife and mother, the good, the bad and the ugly! Today I’m writing as a daughter and it’s the ugly.


A heartbroken, scared yet very appreciative daughter. Today I am up at the oncology unit in Letterkenny  Hospital holding my mum’s hand as she gets chemotherapy for what feels like the 300th time. Continue reading

I am a big scaredy cat

Ok so I’d like to know where the term quiet country came from? It’s far from quiet! From birds chirping, cows moo-in, sheep Baa-in, tractors scooting all around and a few quads throwing in for good measure..  Quiet my ass!!

Entertaining though? yes very much indeed. I’ve had more laughs living here this last month than I’ve had in ages, from cows Continue reading

Cool kids bedroom ideas


Hey all

Thought I’d share my little bargains I got in Aldi today for the kids room.

Poor Tegan and James will have to share a bedroom for a while until renovations are complete (hopefully not long). They don’t mind as they hang out in each others rooms a lot anyway watching movies and playing games.

So any way I’ve been searching for a gender neutral colour scheme that both of them will like, something fun and colourful. I was out doing my weekly shop and bam there is an array of cool kids bedroom stuff in the Aldi specials. So obviously I bought a few wee pieces. If you’re looking to redo kids room I highly recommend head there as the stuff is cheap and very much cheerful.

Here’s a few bits I lifted Continue reading

Our Castle Leslie experience 

Gavin and I will be married two years this may  (time flies when your having fun). For our wedding we received a wonderful gift, a blue book hotels voucher. Wonderful little idea for the happy couple to have a night away in hotel of choice. The blue book hotels are hand selected country houses, fancy hotels and wonderful estates. Unique hotels full of grandeur and relaxation. Continue reading