Day trips with the kiddies

Ok so it’s the last day of July , which means only one month left before school starts again and oh my god July flew so I can only imagine August will go in a blink. I thought I would compile a little list of activities for you and your family to try in this last month of summer holidays.

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Stunning Oakfield Park

Remember at the start of the summer I had the kids write their bucket lists? Well we have been well and truly been ticking that list of one by one. It’s super fun and the wanes are super good as the bribing is fantastic. We have ticked off camping, swimming, going on the ferry, beach days, long nights, shopping trips etc.

I also added my own little things to do and see this summer and one of these to do lists was visit Oakfield park in Raphoe. So on the hottest day of the year instead of heading to the beach (I HATE SAND) I packed a picnic, the kids and off we went.

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Child’s farm, miracle cream

Ok so  I somehow found myself following Child’s farm on Facebook for a while (must have been the name attracted me) and I have been reading and seeing all the reviews and pictures that costumers were sending in and the company was posting.

Now I mean 100% positive reviews, so obviously I could not wait to try it out myself, not actually thinking I’d need a reason.

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Cool kids bedroom ideas


Hey all

Thought I’d share my little bargains I got in Aldi today for the kids room.

Poor Tegan and James will have to share a bedroom for a while until renovations are complete (hopefully not long). They don’tย mind as they hang out in each others rooms a lot anyway watching movies and playing games.

So any way I’ve been searching for a gender neutral colour scheme that both of them will like, something fun and colourful. I was out doing my weekly shop and bam there is an array of cool kids bedroom stuff in the Aldi specials. So obviously I bought a few wee pieces. If you’re looking to redo kids room I highly recommend head there as the stuff is cheap and very much cheerful.

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