So here I am in the middle of an ordinary day about to open the doors to ourย life to the public! I am extremely nervous, yet extremely excited for the adventure and exciting times ahead.

I’m Jade and as the title might giveaway I’m a farmers wife and mother to three fantastic children, Tegan, James and Darcy.


Our happy little family

I have loved writingย ever since I was a little girl.ย Iย would write short stories,ย ย which kept my family amused for hours. Little adventures all made up in my mind.ย  I always planned of writing and publishing a book one day,ย and I willย butย for now I will blog. I never planned on bloggingย asย Iย wouldn’tย put myย life in the same bracket as theย amazing bloggers you seeย on Instagram and Facebook but all the same I do have lots of things to write about.


I have aย great life, I haveย travelled to many beautiful destinationsย all overย the world and I have a fantastic circle ofย family and friends, in turn leads toย a busyย social life. Different events from birthdays, hens, weddings and romantic nights out,ย or weekends away all wonderful stories to share.

Oh and how could I forget we are moving to the Farm (this is a huge adventure) that in itself will be blog worthy, getting usedย to cows, chickens and horses I can not wait for the fun on the farm the all new way of living.

Lets just say I’m not blogging I am simply writing a diary, albeitย a veryย public diary lol

P.S. Did I mention I’m a townie? born and bred in the town. This country life is new to me too, its Goodbye Heels Hello Wellies