Brain scan

Hi guys

As I spoke about on my Instagram stories during the week, I decided to get a scan on my brain to check to see if I have an aneurysm.

If you have been following me for a while then you know my sister passed away 18 months ago. A complete and utter shock to us all, she was fit and super healthy. She didn’t smoke. She passed away whilst at the gym, from a brain aneurysm. Something she would never have known was going to happen. It was literally a ticking time bomb and unfortunately it blasted. Tara was beautiful and took so much care of herself, had she have known this was to happen she would have got the test and she would have done everything in her power to stop it.

She was only 45, she had two beautiful kids and a husband that adored her. She had 4 sisters, all best friends. A mum & dad that adored her and tons of friends who have nothing but good words about her. She is sorely sorely missed by us all every single day.

When Tara died, the doctors confirmed it could be herritory and if we liked we could get tested. Two of my sister’s and Tara’s daughter all have had the test and thankfully they got the all clear. I was pregnant when Tara passed so couldn’t get the test and it has taking me nearly 10 months later to decide if I wanted it.

My thoughts were,

  • Do I want to know?
  • If I have it, will I ever relax?
  • Will I be able to get life insurance, if I have a brain aneurysm?
  • Will I need an operation?

The list goes on and on of questions, but on the other scale.

  • Would Tara have got the test? Yes
  • Will I be able to control it? Yes
  • Can I prevent sudden death, if I know? Hopefully yes
  • I’m I better of knowing? This I still can’t answer, but for the sake of my little loves I think I’m better off knowing.

So I visited my doctor and asked can I have the scan. He said yes no problem. I am paying private for the scan but it’s money well spent if it saves my life.

They booked my scan with Affidea Letterkenny and I got an appointment call the very next day. My appointment is tomorrow Monday and I will go for a Mri of the brain. The whole test should last 20 minutes.

They did ask me was I claustrophobic which thankfully I’m not and did I have any metal plates, heart conditions etc but thankfully I’m 100%.

So my test is tomorrow and I have no clue what the outcome will be but what ever it will be I will face it straight on and I know I will the support and love of my family a long with a very special angel on my shoulder looking out for me.

I am no medical expert, this is all new to us too but i spoke with my family and decided to share this story for awareness. Awareness to aneurysms, I have heard of so many people who have died and so many people who have lived with aneurysms. Maybe some people never thought there was a test available.

This story could also help anyone that have been putting off getting tested for some other illness. Maybe your scared, I am too. Sometimes people like me put health on the back burner for fear of the outcome and funny if something was wrong with one of the kids, they would be straight for tests.

I said I will share the day via my Instagram story’s so if you want to follow the day pop over and have a watch. Can’t guarantee it will be good viewing but since I shared this over on insta stories, I received so many messages from people already is great, the awareness is being spread.



For more information you can check out Headway

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