His firsts my last!!

How is it time just flies so incredibly fast once a child is born compared to when your pregnant? 9 months seems an eternity when your pregnant,

your waiting and counting the seconds to birth? It feels like forever. When they’re born, its like whoosh your waving them off to school. Its flies, my god it does. It only feels like Aaron was born last month.

But he was born 9 months ago.

Aaron is our fourth baby and he is our last.


I know I am only 33, so declaring I’ll have no more babies sounds mad but it is 100% guaranteed I won’t ever have any more. I decided during my last pregnancy there would be no more. I’m quite happy with my choice. Four healthy happy kids is quite a blessing and we are so happy as a family of six.


I am however making completely sure that I soak up every single ounce of my last. I am cherishing every single minute, every Goo & Gaa, every giggle, every crawl, step, clap of his hands, just every single thing. I even recorded his wee new-born cry, I know I’m mad but the sound of new born cry is so cute. I am 100% making sure I remember it all.

It’s hard to remember the first kids being babies, even bits of Darcy being a wee baby is a blur. Life is so hectic, I think you forget to slow down and soak it all in. I do forget a good bit of Tegan as a baby, maybe as I was a baby myself and didn’t quite take the time to enjoy those days, maybe as it was so long ago I just forget or maybe as they have grown up there has been so many other things to remember. I do remember all theirs firsts and I have them all recorded in their baby books, but not those day-to-day moments. Those are the moments I want to cherish with Aaron. Those moments that make you feel whole, make your heart full and make you feel complete.

I said to Gavin when Aaron was born, I don’t care if you think I’m spoiling him, I am going to cuddle and kiss him like mad. I will love the wee bones of him. Just like I do with the other kids but I am making sure I remember every single second of this, with my last baby. Every snuggle is being recorded in my memory. That feeling is priceless, they don’t be babies for long.


When I pack up his little clothes that he has grown out off, I get a wee bit sad. When he started eating food, I cheered yay good boy, but inside kinda cried. His first, my last! When he moved from his wee crib to his big cot my heart tore a little but at the same time grew a little more. I worried that day, what will I do with his cot once he grows out of it? That cot slept all our babies, we stored it in the attic as we knew we’d have more babies but now we know we’ll have no more. I don’t want to give it to charity so I decided I will store it, in the attic again for the grandchildren when they come lol. Hopefully not for another 15 years at least lol.

Aaron will have all his firsts and we will cheer him on, but they will be my lasts. I know it sounds completely nuts but it is sad. I suppose I will get over it, but for now and until that boy gets married I am going to enjoy or cry at all the lasts.

Time flies, kids grow so fast, the days fly by, they get all independent and spread their wings. I love it, every single second even the mid-night wake up calls, the tanturms even the accidental poop on the floor. Every day is a different day and I enjoy it all. Watching my babies grow up fills me with the most amazing sense of pride and I will cherish every single moment with them all. All their firsts and all their lasts. All the moments, big, small and in between.

Each and every memory is priceless ❤




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  1. bernie says:

    Another great read jade, your brilliant with your expression of words, and putting them in your Doherty family memory book for your four Children to read and understand later on in life , and appreciate the loving kindness you have for them and what mums do xxx Brilliant.


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