Learning fun for kids

Mid term break yippee!!!

When your little ones get bored of all the fun they’re having on their day off, and need a little break, try them with a little learning fun.

Yes I said learning on a holiday lol.

I’ve teamed up with Education.com which is an online learning resource website for kids, designed by teachers for children. You can download worksheets, they can play games, read stories, sing songs. They learn new and exciting things, but most of all they’re having fun while growing their knowledge.

As much as my kids moan about going to school, they absolutely love it and love learning. I always buy them little learning activity books, little books that they’re interested in or struggling in. I like to encourage them to learn, and to enjoy learning.

Now I’ve found the online gospel of activities and learning. Education.com

Playing and getting an education. Win win!!

Here’s a little crossword to try out with your kids and if they love it don’t forget to check out the website Education.com

If you require the answers just message me, I’ll send them through.

Have a great midterm


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