Happy Galentines

20190212_1046082942647074551133563.jpgYes I said Galentine’s. This year I share my love to my girls.

My sister’s, my mum, my daughters, my best friends and all the amazing women who are in my life.

Those women who help me, cheer me up when I’m down and that praise me when I’m up. Those woman who have your back always, always there in the background like a secure snuggly blanket. There to warm you up, when you need it.

I was going to write a happy Valentine’s to my husband, but we see each other every day, we have our hugs, our kisses and our chats. We don’t need Valentine’s to make that anymore special. He knows how much I love and adore him and I know his love for me.

My girls on the other hand I don’t see regularly so I don’t say it enough, but I love you!

Your are my rocks! My go to when I need a chat or advice. I know we don’t see each other as much as we should or like but that’s life! I know should I ever need an ear, a shoulder to cry on or just a bloody moan I can simply pick up the phone and you’ll be there. In turn I hope you know I will always be there for you.I don’t think anything can beat a good girly get together! I get so excited when my friends and I finally arrange a date for a catch up, dinner or lunch. I say finally as we message in our group over and back for days sometimes trying to find a date that suits all. It’s so hard when you get older and have a family life trying to arrange a get together.

If your young, your reading this and don’t have that bother of finding a date to suit your besties then enjoy it! One day that will be different. I suppose it’s kind of more special, nights out are now like Christmas eve lol exciting!

We don’t get out very often so when we do meet we can’t stop talking. Hours and hours. Laughing and laughing! Our husband’s actually dread our nights out, we may not return until the next morning lol. Worth it though, it’s always the best nights.

Nobody understands you better than your girl friends. I mean chances are one of them has gone through the same thing, from breakups to make ups. Giving birth to getting pregnant. Losing weight, piling on the pounds. Talking about jobs, kids and life. When your with your friends it’s therapy. You compare stories and tell stories. Sometimes I do worry if people heard the stories we share they would think we were nuts.

It’s so very important to keep up with your friends. They are sisters you choose for yourself.

I would quite simply hate to be without any of my girls. I’d get lonely, I’d have no gossip and my husband’s ear would be sore as I’d have to moan to him lol.

So this year girls I say happy Valentine’s day to you! I love you so much and look forward to our next catch up, girls date!

Lots of love today and always

Your friend



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