Happy 2nd birthday to my blog

It’s been two whole years since I started the farmer’s wife blog, that’s two whole years of letting the public into my life and you know what I’m so glad I did.

Since I began the blog, I have moved house, extended house, been pregnant, had another baby, had family events, parties, weddings. Sent a big girl to secondary school and a little one to playschool. I’ve had ups and downs, in’s and outs and I’ve tried to keep everyone in the loop. I lead a very busy life and I’ve tried to include as much of my daily life as possible in the blog. I like to write about things that affect me, it helps me but I have found it helps others.

I have received so many thanks from people who I know and strangers about blogs I have written and they have associated with something I have said. It helps people feel normal and maybe feel better having someone else doing/feeling the same. Lately all my messages are about my house, where I got things and who done it. I love it, I love helping people.

I don’t live a glam life, its average joe and I hope I don’t portray otherwise. Although to be fair it’s a good average joe life. I really count my blessings daily.


The end of 2017 was without a doubt the worst time of my life and 2018 was spent adjusting to life without my sister. It was so hard, it still is. I suffered very bad anxiety when I was pregnant but you know what I think I’ll write a post on that it’s self as I never suffered anxiety before and if I could write about it maybe I could help another. You see, this blog is like a little therapy. For me and you!

2018 Did bring greatness, brought Aaron and our beautiful home was sort of finished and I learnt no two days are the same and you can’t prepare for the unexpected. Live life everyday and love it.

I started the blog when I moved the country, I don’t know why I thought I could blog, it was quite literally a random spur of the moment thought as little Darcy slept. I knew it was going to be an adventure moving to the country hence the reason Jade the farmer’s wife started although I am now contemplating in changing my blog name Jade The Farmers Wife! Why? I am a farmer’s wife I know, but somehow a few people have taking that as I’m saying I am a farmer! I am not, I never said I was and I doubt I ever will be. I will help out around the farm when required but farming is not for me. Farmers wife was appropriate when we moved to the farm. Now maybe not so much as I have so much more going on than farming. So I am thinking of changing my name to something more me, but honestly I don’t know what that would be. Just Jade! JadeD? JadeRose? Jade and Co? I have already started changing the look of my site, to make it more me. If you have any suggestions for a new name, fire away please.

I have to admit it’s not easy sitting down to write a blog, it takes a lot of time. Sometimes I lay in bed or after a conversation with someone and think ohhh I should write about that. Then I just have to write. I have to be in the mood or mind frame to write. It isn’t easy. Writing it is a start, depends how long you write, it could take an hour or two or a day or two, depending on the level of crazy in the house. Then it’s re-reading it, re-read again and spell check, grammar check, photo editing etc etc. It is a proccess. Plus it’s tricky knowing when to stop writing and knowing what to include, when is it too much info? Or is it enough?

Sometimes I have found if I’m in a good mood and the kids are being good then I can write and write, other days like most I can’t get a word to paper. Funny ain’t it.

One thing is for certain though, I get so nervous every single time I post something.

People are led to believe that blogging is merely taking photos, tagging company’s and looking pretty. Now that’s true these days for a lot of social media influencer’s, but they are not bloggers! They are influencers! They are gifted or paid to promote a business via social media as they have a huge following. It is now a very big business!

There is however a good majority of influencers that do write blogs or vlog (video story) on top of keeping up their social media pages. Those are the people I truly admire, because it really is a full-time job, there is so much behind those scenes the audience don’t see.

On top of that I see so many S.M.I (social media influencers) attending events on a weekly basis and think sweet lord how do they multi task. They must have bags of energy.

I’m a small fry compared to people on instagram, I really am a small town girl. I do try to promote as much as I can, in things I have tried and loved. As it’s always good to share thoughts and there is simply no better platform for sharing than social media. I blog for a past time, not a living. I really do like sharing stories and stuff.

I had a very very busy life last year. I had very little blogs posts written but I did post a good bit over on Instagram. I’m doing ok in 2019 I think, I have already wrote a few blogs and its only February. I have next week’s blog written and ready to go! Go me.

Anyway you see I’m rambling, daddies at home and I’ve peace.

This blog started as a thank you and I’ve went on and on about the in’s and outs of it.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me, gave me confidence to continue, encouraged my stories and liked my pictures or shared my tales. I appreciate it so so much.

Here’s to many more



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bernie says:

    Wow this is truly your job in life jade D. your an inspiration to lots of people .keep up the great work .


    1. Aww thanks Bernie xx


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