Wonderwoman, wondermum, just a mum! Of four!

Our family of 6

I became a mum of four children last year, yep four kids and I am always being told that I’m superwoman and amazing at having so many kids. Although I love the compliment, I do feel that regardless of how many kids you have if you birth one baby or two, you care for it and you help mould that little person in to the best they can be, then you too are a super woman.

I get asked all the time how do you manage four kids? How are you old enough to have four kids? Four kids Omg no bother to you! How do you do it? To be honest the answer is simple. I just do! I have to, I take every day as it comes and count to ten alot.

We made the decision to have a big family from the very beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend, now husband wanted a whole squad, wanted six kids lol easy seeing he doesn’t carry the baby or birth it. I’m happy enough with four. Even that is still quite a big family these days.

I do find it a little more work having four kids to be fair, but it’s not a task or a mission, it’s just normal. We have four completely different personalities to deal with, four different people, with lots of different interests. Thankfully they are all as easy-going as their parents. So it’s not as hard as it seems.

Although you will rarely see me with all four in a supermarket, they somehow manage to go completely bonkers in public, they literally act up. It’s like they leave the house together to put on a show. So I might take one or two sometimes three and whizz around as quick as I can to get them home. Public outings are majority of the time stressful as f**k.

Let’s not even go there if they are sick or ill. One day I had the four of them at the doctors, it was like a line up of Illnesses. I laugh, I have to.

Thankfully they didn’t act up that day they where too sick hehe

Although acting up tends to only happen when they are alone with mammy. When daddy is around they put on halo’s and he thinks I make it up that they were nuts lol

I find myself behind the wheel of the car alot, school pick ups, playschool drop offs, football, dancing, parties etc etc a taxi service.

The most stressful thing i find is the washing. Clothes! They never seem to stop coming. I find myself stuck to the washing machine alot, I really don’t know how but we seem to have to do a load or two of washing a day. I’m not joking I bag up old clothes every few weeks for charity and dispose of them from the house. I don’t go buying new stuff yet there is always loads of washing.

Having the last baby so close to Darcy was stressful as sin too I’m not going to lie. I spent the first 3 months watching Darcy like a hawk she just didn’t like the baby. She does now, she mammys him now but my god it was stressful. I think that story deserves a blog on its own though.

Honestly I don’t think of it as any harder than having one, two or three kids or even six. You just do it, it’s more entertaining and more mess, but equally it’s more snuggles, more cuddles and lots and lots more love.

Having four kids also kinda guarantees one of them will look after you when your older lol.

Mama mama

I do hear mammy, mammy, mammy, MAMMY alot of times a day. On top of that I have alot more important information I need to remember. I have a thousand things on my mind. Did I book the doctors app for Tegan? Did I rsvp to that party? Did I pay esb bill? Don’t forget milk, or bread. Pick this up, pick that up. It’s like having your phone open a heap of different apps at the one time. After a while of open apps your phone will crash and stop. So I make sure to take time out, I do have a wee hour to myself, relax or even write a little blog. I just recharge.

Our house is a fairly normal average Joe house, its upside down most days. It also resembles a war between them fighting with each other and toys all over the place. Sometimes I’ll tidy up, turn my back and it looks like a bomb exploded. That’s normal though ain’t it?

We do have rules.

We don’t let the kids just do what they want or get what they want. They have to work for it. If Tegan wants new clothes she’ll do her chores or if James wants to go to football he’ll have his homework done first. Nothing in life is handed to you. You got to work for it.

The eldest Tegan helps out so much, between watching the wee ones, starting dinner or general tidying up. I would be lost with her.

James is a little rascal, some days you’ll have to argue with him to wash his hands, next day he’s flat-out helping where ever he can, especially the farm.

Darcy tails me all day, helping where every she can, making dinner, washing or sweeping. She’s a great wee cleaner lol she also puts all her stuff away because she watches me and copies my routine. Some how I have trained her the Marie Kondo way before I even watched that show have you seen it on Netflix? Darcy is only two but so she still throws her major tantrums, that too will pass (I hope)

Aaron will to get his wee jobs when he’s old enough. As at the moment he is a very content, smiley baby that sleeps all night so he makes life so much easier. Fingers crossed he stays that way.

They eat what we eat for dinner so I’m not having to make two/three different meals. I know so many people who do that, thank god we don’t have to.

So you see, I’m not really a wonderwoman. I’m just a mother and I have a little army of helpers whom make me laugh, make me cry, make me mad but most of all make me extremely proud and makes all the stressful days worth while. I would quite simply be lost with out them.

I love being a mammy, I really do. I don’t know why I was so freaked out about having four kids remember I wrote about that here? It’s absolutely no different than having three, if anything I think it’s actually easier. Maybe I am away mad haha


We’re off to stay at The Shandon hotel on Friday night, we promised them we’d take them after we had our babymoon and after so much work to the house, bedrooms switched around and stuff everywhere they deserve a little treat. I’ll blog on it after we return.

From one wonderwoman to another, have a great week

Love Jade



It has taking me two days to write this blog. Two days!!

Time management is something goes out the window with little ones. Wonderwoman would have written it in two hours lol

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bernie says:

    As usual great read , Your definitely on your way to a best seller or seller’s .moving to the country really brought out the writing creatively to you in a big way X Remember your fans


    1. Oh I’ll remember them don’t worry. Thanks Bernie Xx


  2. Im a mum of 3 and I think the thing I struggle with the most is also the washing. If It could be magically done without my input I’d sign up in a second.
    I’m banking on my middle child caring for me in old age. The other 2 will probably put me in a home 🤣
    Great post!


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