Our dream kitchen

Hi all

As most of you are aware, we finally got our new kitchen at Katie’s Cottage.

As quite frankly I’ve been plastering it everywhere. I’m loud and I am proud. I’ve been getting so many messages to my inbox with so many different questions I thought I’d write a wee post on it.

I have dreamt of the day I built my own house since I was a little girl, I stored every amazing idea I ever seen in my brain, so when the day came I knew I’d have exactly what I had always planned.

As you know we moved to the cottage at the beginning of 2017, remember I blogged about it here and how much I was scared to move to the country. Well those fears have now taking over with complete and utter love. I love the country, I love our home albeit its still upside down at the moment mid renovations but I love the peace and the kids love the freedom.

This townie is now a country girl!!

Ok so back to point, when we moved to the cottage our plan was to renovate and extend. A two bedroom house just isn’t big enough for our family of 6, we needed more storage and more space. Funny when you think on it, 8 kids where last reared in this house no complaints. Shows how spoilt we are now a days.

It took quite a while to decide which method of extension was going to suit as we didn’t want to touch the original cottage. We didn’t want to take away from the charm or character but we needed to add space. This is the kitchen I have been using. Cute and modest but not at all suitable for a family of 6

So I spent the first year watching where the sun rose and set, where would benefit most of the natural light. Out the back of the house was out of the question as it’s in darkness most of the day except high summer and we couldn’t go out front, so we took a deep look into the original shed attached to the cottage and wondered how we could utilise that space. It was perfect, our dream kitchen would fit perfectly.

So we tumbled the shed and rebuilt on that footprint to create our kitchen.

It’s been no easy task, the day I took baby no 4 home from hospital was the day the first block was laid. So since then it’s been go-go-go, pick, choose, decide and confirm. Stress nation, self building is so stressful.

Worth it though, to have your very own haven.

The kitchen, I thought was going to be the biggest decision, turns out it wasn’t! I basically knew exactly what I wanted as I have been dreaming of it for so long. Although saying that, having to choose door colours and quartz was tough enough, but I knew I wanted cream doors with a navy island. Little did I know there would be a hundred different shades of each colour lol

We had a carpenter to do our kitchen as it was a lot more personal. We stood together in the soon to be kitchen and decided what would go where and what would work best where.

First was the big curve window above the sink and the two roof lights. I knew I wanted plenty natural light in the kitchen, I planned the whole kitchen around the windows. The amount of light floods in is amazing and I’m glad we went with them. Plus the view over the hills is beautiful.

Second I knew a range was going to take centre place, we looked at a few different brands but the Smeg Victoria 110 stood out for me always. It’s fab, two ovens and a separate grill. The induction hob is great esp with kids as it only works when the pan is on.

I also knew from the start I wanted an antique mirror splashback. It’s so amazing, it’s bright but not too bright and is so easy to keep. Plus I can see behind when cooking.

Third was two sinks! One for prep, one for dishes. Perfect when your hosting dinner and the dish sink is full. I’m so glad we choose to do this, it’s been so handy especially over Christmas. My prep sink is over the island so I can watch the little ones whilst prepping dinner.

I worked the kitchen around the triangle, cooker, fridge and sink are in the perfect triangle.

I needed lots of storage but wanted it all in one place, so I went for two larders and a full larder fridge. One larder is for dinner and one is for breakfast, snacks & coffee. The Breakfast larder is right beside the fridge so it’s handy for the kids.

Drawers where the next thing I wanted, big deep drawers for dishes and pots & pan’s. So we have four drawers, two either side of cooker. Top drawers have dishes & bottom have cooking essentials ie pots, pan’s, casserole dishes. We have three drawers on island, one for cutlery, one for chopping boards and the other for jugs and mixing bowls etc.

The bin on the island, again super handy for wiping away food after it’s been prepped. We also have 4 hiding sockets on island, perfect for carvers and mixers. They have usbs for chargers as well.

The other cupboards are for glasses, cups, storage & off course a mini bar. We have a Hot Tap by Itho, instant hot water at the touch of a button. Life changer!

Everything just flows thank god and we couldn’t be happier with it, still have loads to do painting etc but we’ll get there.

Units are painted in shell

Island is Marine

Quartz is silestone in Yukon supplied by Wards Stone

Tiles are Ecoceramics Realto Crema supplied by Boyce Paints

Antique mirror splash back from Letterkenny Glass

Over island pendants are from The Range although I do have another set I might replace these with.

Table and Lights above table and walls are from Next Home

Appliances all Smeg bought from Irwins Expert Electrial

All above shops went above and beyond with help and come highly recommended from us.

Anything else you’d like to know just mail me and if you enjoyed this post and would like to see more interior blogs, leave me a wee comment please.



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  1. Mary says:

    Ur kitchen is stunnin doll x
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