Galgorm Resort & Spa

Oh me oh my! Why have I waited so long for a trip to The Galgorm resort & Spa? I kid you not, it really it like heaven on earth.

My husband booked a last minute break away for a little birthday treat for my 21+vat birthday lol. He knew I always wanted to visit here but dates never suited thankfully this year they did.

Having a January birthday sucks but this year I’m kinda glad. We have been non stop getting the house done this last 6 months and having the kitchen finished for Christmas, we were literally burnt out. So a little break away was just what the doctor ordered.

We packed up the kids, sent them on their merry holidays to their wonderful granny and off we went for a lot of R&R.

When we arrived at the hotel it could not have been nicer, the staff could not have been nicer. From the wee guy opening the door on arrival to the smell of logs burning, to the girl at the check in, they are all so kind. We felt really welcome and at ease like everyone was our friend. You know sometimes you go stay at a fancy hotel and you feel a little out of place cause we ain’t fancy lol That didn’t happen at any stage of our stay. Every single staff member was so lovely and kind.

We booked a private riverside hot tub as a wee treat. We got one hour in our own hot tub by the river, a bottle of champagne and truffles. This cost £40pp for one hour. It was worth every penny. It was dark but the weather was lovely, not cold for the 3rd day of January. We where snug as bugs, lying listening to the river flow and birds singing, pure and utter tranquillity. Never felt as peaceful.

You know that little hour lying there made us feel we were a million miles away, the weight glided of our shoulders. It felt like we were in Iceland or Norway lol. We chatted, took a little selfie or two and laughed our worries away, honest to god it was lovely. The hour flew by, time always does when your having fun.

We finished up and wandered around the extremely busy spa, there is people everywhere just chilling in their robes, dipping in the hot tubs and pools. It’s so chilled out, it’s unreal.

We had dinner booked at The Castle restaurant, which is outside of the Galgorm. They have a burger deal on Thursday night’s, which we fancied. So we went got ready, exhausted at this stage as spas really knacker you out.

The hotel run a car service to take you to the castle, it’s was so handy having an on site lift. Off course Gavin wanted down to watch the football. Dinner was devine, again the staff were so nice and the decor was beautiful, huge cherry blossom trees take over the room. It’s kind of like a American grill, burgers, fries and corn. Oh and bud light.

After dinner or should I say the football game, we headed back to Gillies bar (in the hotel), where there was a trad band playing. We had a few drinks, listened to a few tunes and headed back to bed as we wanted to get up early, get breakfast and head back to spa.

In room facilities are fab, free mini bar (Happy days) everything you need iron, fan, hair dryer, robes, flip flops instead of slippers. That won me over in itself. Nothing worse than those wee slippers you get in hotels, they fall apart when they get wet. The bed was huge I needed to jump up, to get in lol and a river view just perfect.

Breakfast was fabulous, so much choice, was freshly cooked. I ate like a pig though #dietstartsmonday

Back to spa, we basically just chilled out lazing on the swings cuddled up and relaxed.

The whole place is just amazing, I think I would like two nights there the next time, one day is not enough. The place is massive.

It’s so beautifully decorated, old meets new. Which is so cool, it’s not a generic hotel, where everything is matched and the same. Kinda reminds me of our cottage old meets new. (Still a work in progress)

I’ve wanted to go here for years I just kept putting it off, so if your like me putting it off, stop! Just book it, treat your self. It is truly magical. A wonderful experience, Gavin wants to return for his happy birthday. Or if you can’t commit to an over night stay, they do wonderful day packages to the thermal village. Which is worth a visit in it self.

And you know what, I didn’t even take many pictures which is unusual for me, I actually just forgot. That’s a sign of how nice it was.

To check hotel rates and plan your visit The Galgorm Resort & Spa

Happy New year by the way, hope 2019 is good to you all.

Love Jade


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