Natural vs Caesarean

As my due date approaches the apprehension of labour is steadily increasing. After three babies you would think I would be well used to it

but the fact is I’m not, and you just never know for certain what kind of labour, mother nature is going to allow, unless that you book an elective caesarean that is. All Labour’s differ just like all mothers are different. Do you ever speak with your fellow mammy friends about their Labour’s? No two are the same are they? Some are good, some are bad and some are ugly.

You wait 9 months to meet your little baby, hoping and praying for an easy labour to really go in blind folded and have no clue as to what’s going to happen.

My first two babies were born natural and the third was an emergency C-section.

Out of the two different births, I would opt for ten natural births any day.

Don’t get me wrong natural birth is far from easy Jesus you feel like your pooping an elephant out and the time just goes so slow, puffing, panting and pushing. It is so hard, your on fire in all areas. I busted the capillaries on my face pushing, the sweat was blinding me. I had gas and air so my mouth was as dry as the Sahara but once you’re done your done. Your Up and about in a matter of minutes showering, albeit a good bit sore and tender. I was afraid to pee at first in case my lady bits fell out. In no time however I was up and about greeting visitors while goo-ing and gaa-ing at the new baby.

Where as with the section it was complete opposite, it all happened so quick in the end I didn’t even have time to think. I was just whisked away and hooked up to an epidural and had a catheter inserted. In a freezing cold theatre my stomach was cut from one side to the other and only what I can describe as two doctors were doing the dishes in my belly to deliver Darcy. It was ugh!! I was so glad though to see her out and healthy!Regardless of what was going on I was so relieved. Until my hubby took her away for her first feeds, I just wanted to be there and the time went so slow as I had to lay for an hour being stitched up and recover. Thank god she slept the whole night, the next morning was when the real test of mummy strength kicked in.

Like honest to god it was the hardest thing I ever done. I itched all night a reaction to morphine and I was afraid to stand up straight in case I opened my scar, I needed help to get to the bathroom. I could hardly move and the pain was something else. Your dignity is definitely nowhere to be found, the poor nurses are amazing between dishing out pain killers (the pain scale is very very high) to helping me dress myself after my first shower. I was so sleepy, could hardly stay awake when visitors called thanks to the drugs. Then you have to get belly injections and wear those oh so beautiful stockings. Caesarean sections are far from glamorous. Not to mention you have to stay in hospital alot longer and no driving for six weeks. Plus once your home your still not fully functional and you still have to continue with life. It’s just a case of get up and get on with it. It’s definitely far from easy.

I used to criticise my sister for having a caesarean joking she was too “posh to push” but honest to god anyone that has had a caesarean needs a medal. Sack that every mother needs a fecking medal. People underestimate sections and neglect to remember its a major operation. So not only are you welcoming a little baby to the world and recovering from birth, you are recovering from a life altering operation. I had back ache for months after mine and now I have the ultimate fear and anxiety that it will happen again, but this time I will prepare myself just in case.

I have been told elective caesarean are easier and not as hard but I don’t plan on finding out. I plan on natural again this time so fingers crossed it will happen. I’m going to go for a few hypnobirth sessions and try that this time, there are plenty great reviews on it so hopefully it works.

Regardless of what birth you have had, or will have, whether you’ve had all the drugs or none, congratulations. High five and well done. Your amazing, all woman are amazing, to think you create a tiny human, birth it and go on to feed, nourish and raise them to full people is astonishing. Putting their needs before yours always, mothers are truly invaluable.

Roll on nine weeks, I’ll keep you posted on whether it was good bad or ugly. Pray for good!

Any tip’s on how to achieve the perfect birth? Throw them at me. I will try it all this time, in hope for the best, but you know what as long as everyone is healthy and happy after it, that’s all that matters.

Jade the farmer’s wife


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  1. bernie says:

    Jadethefarmerswife what a well written true life factual child birth experience .hopefully your birth will be normal . but as we all say as mums, as long as the baby is healthy and mum is well good luck jade your a strong woman and what ever birth you have you’ll sail threw xx


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