Will 4 be too much?

I’m sitting on the sofa, still wearing my pyjamas. Hairs not been brushed nor my teeth for that matter. Believe it or not though, I have been run of my bloody feet all morning.

The stress of it all has me thinking I am crazy bringing another baby in to our already crazy, hectic, bustling family.

I got up 7.30 fed Darcy breakfast, woke the bigger two. Feed them, dressed them and made their lunch for school and sent them on their merry way for the day. It’s not the big two stressing me out. It’s the wee one, the little adorable, butter wouldn’t melt looking cutie pie, who seems to have hit the terrible two’s and she’s no where two, she’s 15 months. She’s a diva, a Diva, an actual DIVA…

She is a terror, she is head set, mind bent on getting her way everyday. She is super-duper busy, never sits and watches tv, barely sits for eating food, oh and she insists on feeding herself and the dog at the same time. She climbs everything, up the chairs, onto tables, windows, beds. I’m waiting to find her on the roof one day. If she doesn’t get her way, she huffs, puffs and quite literally screams the roof down. I literally spend the day lifting her away from hazards, picking up after her and keeping her entertained I won’t even go into her behaviour when we’re out or the struggle to get her strapped in her car seat. She has her mind and she is the BOSS. Is it because she’s the baby? I ask. Is it because she, somehow in the space of 15 months has been spoilt rotten from me, her daddy, her brother and her sister? Or is this just a normal inquisitive toddler and I forgot all about it.

Like there is a five-year age gap between James and Darcy and a six-year gap between James and Tegan. You do seem to forget the hard work. Or maybe as I was younger with the other two, I took to it like a duck to water! Hmmm!!

The only conclusion I keep coming up with is I’m nuts, I was completely bonkers thinking it would be ok to have another baby so close to Darcy. The only saving grace is I keep thinking, it’s ok, it’s a boy. Boys are so much easier. Or are they? Is that me cheating myself sane?

I can already feel the grey hairs multiplying, the wrinkles setting in harder and the blood pressure rising that some little bit extra.

Plus to top this all off Tegan is becoming a moody, stroppy teenager!

God help me!!

How ever stressed, anxious and worried I feel though I keep reminding myself, how extremely lucky we are to be giving another little loving child. Who will hopefully grow to be as smart and loving as his siblings. I will be head down and stuck in nappies and bottles for another 2/3 years but it will be worth it am sure. I grew up with lots of sisters and really was blessed with ready-made best friends.

I am crazy, hands up, but I also love family and love the bones of my babies. As the song goes “everything’s gonna be alright”.

What’s for you won’t pass you and your only given what you can handle. Quotes I’m living by daily.

They are happy, healthy, clever and beautiful. I really won the lotto with my kid’s. I need shut up and stop complaining, anyway the way time flies it won’t be bloody long until they’re all off at school and I’ll be longing for the babies again. Sod’s law.

My blood pressure slowed way down from getting that out there ha blogging is like therapy. Darcy just destroyed the living room while I wrote, baby wipes everywhere but sure two minutes and its clean. As long as she’s happy, it will be A ok.

That face though, couldn’t make ye mad

Thanks for listening

Jade the farmer’s wife


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