Seagrass Spa, total Bliss

I feel I must share with you all a wonderful little gem of a spa located in Buncrana, as it’s just too good to keep a secret. The Seagrass Spa and well-being centre at The Inishowen Gateway hotel. Heaven!

I was invited down by the lovely manager Joanne for a pregnancy message and facial one gloomy saturday evening and me oh my what a great pick me up it was.

I arrived 15 minutes prior to treatment, where I was giving the cosiest of robes, no joke it was like wrapping a teddy bear around me, so warm and snuggly. I put on little slippers and was told to switch the world off and forget all my worries.

Something which is very hard for me to do, my mind never switches off but I did, I switched off and forgot all the troubles of the world upstairs. I was taking to the relaxation suite, its warm, dark and cosy. Full lay down beds with soft relaxing music playing in the background. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought I was in another country.

My masseuse came in and called me to my room for the start of my treatment. I was a little worried about how I would get a back massage as I have a huge bump and lying on my belly is a no-no. Silly me, I was told to lay on my side. It was heaven, I felt all my stresses and worries being rubbed away, while I lay there snuggled up under soft blankets and again with sounds of relaxation playing behind me. For a pregnant lady, it is sometimes extremely hard to get comfortable especially in bed but there was no problem. I was in total comfort and peace. There is a huge amount of benefits for pregnancy message.

You know in some spa’s once your finished your treatment, your sent back to the relaxation suite to await your next treatment. Well not at the seagrass, I was told to chill in bed and relax while I waited for my facial. It was fab, not having to get up and redress move rooms only to move again. I was happy out, chilling.

The Seagrass Spa use Comfort Zone skin care range, which I swear is like a miracle. I had a facial a few weeks back as my skin during pregnancy is just awful bad with acne and little bumps. It was really fantastic, my redness and soreness disappeared almost immediately. So I opted for another active pureness facial which is specifically geared towards impurities and skin problems.

I am not exaggerating, the facial I received was by far the best I ever had. I felt so comfy, at ease and relaxed. I actually didn’t want it to be over. Those hot towels they wash your face with are just the bee’s knee’s I’d like one of those at home. I had a special eye mask applied the same time as my face mask, it’s supposed to reduce dark circles (which I have in abundance) and fine lines. Then I was left with the both masks on for 10 minutes or so, in those 10 minutes I fell asleep twice. I woke myself up snoring haha I don’t even snore. I never sleep when I’m at a spa or getting treatments done, my mind works all the time so I couldn’t believe it when I did snooze, it just shows how relaxed I was.

After the treatments I made my way back to the relaxation suite where I made myself a delicious berry tea and had a pear just to give me a sugar rush. I just lay there for ages enjoying the peace, the tranquillity and the freedom. I felt like I was miles away from home and from all those everyday stresses.

When it was time to get dressed again and face every day life again, I checked myself out in the mirror and was delighted. My skin looked fantastic, like ten years were taking off me in the space of two hours. I could really see the difference, I definitely wasn’t as tired looking as when I arrived. As if the relaxation wasn’t enough but then the younger looking skin just made the whole experience way better.

I’m already booking my next treatment, I’m going to try reflexology for pregnancy. I never tried it with any other pregnancy but I heard amazing things about it, how it reduces stress, prepares your body for labour etc. I will of course keep you updated.

If you believe me when I said I spent a day in what I can only describe as heaven then I highly advice booking a little treatment for yourself, with a friend, group or couple at The Seagrass spa. They have a huge range of treatments available from waxing, massages, pedicures, facials to hair blow dry’s, there is so much on offer. It is truly lovely and the staff are amazing. Take a break, relax.

If you do take my advice, The Seagrass Spa are offering a discount on their Seagrass Bliss package when you mention Jade the farmer’s wife for bookings throughout February.

What a perfect gift for your loved one this valentines day or soon to be mothers day. If you want to spoil someone special book them a day spa you can contact the 0749362188, Their website or via Facebook.

If you do book enjoy every second.

Chat soon

Jade the farmer’s wife


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  1. Bernie says:

    you looked nice and cosy there jadethefarmerswife I bet it was fab x


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