Farmer’s gift guide Xmas

Stuck for idea’s on what to get your farmer for christmas? Aren’t we all. Men seem to be the hardest, yet easiest people to buy for at christmas.

They have everything, yet be so grateful with what they get.

So I decided in my own anguish looking for gifts and wondering what to get, I would help you all out and compile a little list to maybe give you a little inspiration and help you on your jolly way.

  • Sure you can’t go wrong with a good spray and body wash. If your farmer is like mine then showers are a major daily routine, in the summer months they could happen twice a day. Which in turn leads to an awful lot of Lynx getting used. It’s always a good idea to stock up and when best does it happen CHRISTMAS lol

Check out Inish Pharmacy for their wonderful christmas gift sets.

  • If you farmer is wearing the same old bits and bobs for years, give them a new trendy wax jacket or gilet to keep them warm on these cold winter days. Or perhaps a good old fashion peak hat. They will look fab heading to the mart all duckied up, while snug as a bug.

Check out All Ears for their fabulous range of on trend farm wear.

  • How about a new pair of boots to match their new attire above. There are hundreds of options for wellies, but you can’t beat the old classic Hunter boot.

M&M Direct do fantastic offers on hunters and other essentials for farming.

  • Tools!! What farmer doesn’t use them, need them or love to receive new ones? Tools are a farmer’s gadget heaven. They probably have a ton of tools but there is always room for a new socket set, handy all in one pocket set or a new rench. I always get Gavin some sort of tool to add to his collection every year.

The farmer’s journal do a good variety of hardware for farmer’s, check them out or just pop in to your own local hardware store. Aldi & Lidl always have cool wee gadgets in to at christmas

  • Let there be no excuse for coming home late for dinner again. Get the farmer a good watch! A good hardy watch is a necessity. One that can withstand any weather, waterproof, shock proof lights up and looks good. A Casio baby G is the way forward. They will last for years on the farm plus look good.

Callaghans Jewellers in Buncrana stock a great range. Must check out the ladies for me.

  • Gift vouchers, sure some people think it looks like the easy option and looks like no thought went into that present but in fact I would think it was the opposite. Gift vouchers are the best present, you are giving the choice of what you would like to buy. Its like free cash. Local co-ops are farmer’s supermarkets, they visit them every day or every week. So what better pressies to get than a voucher, they can get tools, clothes, new boots (my Xmas list) or just some nuts for the cows. Win win!

Inishowen Co-op check their Facebook for the latest deals and offers

  • If none of the above would suit your farmer how about a raffle ticket for the amazing prizes at the Inishowen Agricultural show. It’s a long way off yet, it’s not to August 2018 but with limited tickets you’d be crazy not to get one. Imagine winning a tractor or jeep for Christmas.

Check out Inishowen Agricultural show Facebook with links of where to buy.

  • In Ireland its wet, its damp and its bloody cold summer, winter, spring and Autumn. You ain’t ever guaranteed the weather, so what better present to get your man, some wet gear. Keep him from getting the dreaded man flu.

Farmwear has a great range of wet gear and some other stuff of interest. Check it out

  • If your farmer is looking to get fit, look after their health a bit better or simply just wants to know how far they walk every day then a Fitbit is a wonderful idea. Fitbit tracks every part of your day including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep to help you stay fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact

Fitbit Ireland have great choices.

  • If all the above fails then my ultimate bit of advice is to book a nice night away for you and the farmer to get away from cow’s, silage, muck, smells and everything in between. Go for a spa, relax. He works hard, deserves a break and so you do too. I know how impossible it is to tear him away from farm duties so just book and say your going. Thats’ it, enjoy.


Hope my gift guide can help a little, if you have any idea’s send them my way.

Merry christmas farmer’s

Jade the farmer’s wife


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  1. Bernie says:

    no bother to you jadethefarmerswife plenty of advertising there ,so no excuses for Mr or Mrs not getting a pressie


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