Darcy turns 1

Darcy turns one today 1st November, and I actually can’t believe it. That year just flew, I mean feels like yesterday she first batted her big brown eyes at us and completely melted our hearts. Like that year flew in the blink of an eye and in that time Darcy has wrapped everybody around her little finger and madeย them fall madly in love with her. She is a wee rascal, away ahead of herself, full of fun, joy and badness. She keepsย mamma onย her toes, from climbing furniture toย scooting out any door that is open.


All brand new
So perfect just a few seconds old


Time goes so fast

Why is it, time flies when you want it to go slow and steady? But goes so slow when you want it to hurry up like when yourย 9 months pregnant and hanging to meet your baba it drags and when you want to saviour every moment time flashes like lightning. In no time at all they are ruling the roost with their own wee mini attitude, driving their big brother and sister insane lol.

First birthday party

For her big birthday this year, we planned on having a huge big family affair. As she was born the day after Halloween (lucky Darcy) we wanted to do a fun dress up party, children and adults dressed up with plenty beer and food. We unfortunately had to cancel that party, our hearts just aren’t into party’s at the moment, but still life has to go on for the kid’s, they need normality and fun times to keep them going. So we still had a little party on halloween night to celebrate her very first birthday. It was the hardest party I ever had to organise, my hearts broke and the thought of not having my sister here to celebrate with us just filled me with dread and sadness, but still life goes on so we had a small, intimate party for Darcy, just family and it was lovely. Although all our hearts break, we smiled and we laughed just for a little while. It was some what normal for a while just the way Tara would have wanted.

Check out some of the party details here.

The princess of the night was a unicorn, magical, beautiful and unique.

I didn’t want to just have all black, scary Halloween dรฉcor for the party but also didn’t want to do just pinks, so I split it, half girls – half Halloween party dรฉcor and it turned out alright I think.

We made some homemade chocolate apples, toffee apples, cupcakes and rice crispy buns. Tegan loves baking so she was more than happy to help. We had loads of sweets and made some yummy stew. We also had a hot chocolate bar with cream and marshmallows. Heating up the wee people after hours of trick or treating.

I picked up some decorations, balloons and thatย in home bargains and The Rangeย in Derry.

I had a wonderful cake ordered for her birthday but cancelled it a few weeks back, so I just picked up this wee one in Sainsbury’s.


I added her name on the little bunting and tied it to glow sticks.

I got this wonderful balloon, in theย The Party Craft Shop its soย cute, plus itย doesn’t take up too much room. I printed up the details of her as a one year old, what books she likes, song, food etc. How many teeth she has, it was a really nice touch and lovely keepsake for her memory box.

We had sparklers and fireworks for the kids brought them so much excitement. Thankfully it was a nice dry night.

Oh how I would love to be young again.

We also wrote little messages and notes for Darcy when she turns 18, seems so far away now but as I said time flies, won’t be long coming around. An extra special gift for her on her 18th. Show how much she was loved.


1st birthday photo shoot

As you might also know, Darcy won the overall bonny baby prize at the Muff Festival 2017 and part of her prize was a voucher for a photo session with Photo’s & All. We booked her in for a session to celebrate her first birthday and what wonderful photos they are too so natural and cute, Darcy just loves the camera. Again more precious memories as she grows up.


Just a wee word

I want to thank everyone for their support and love this last couple of weeks, I have received so many messages with such kind loving wordsย for my sister Tara. If I haven’t replied please know I am truly grateful and I have read them all, they mean so much and with every loving message I received it has made me feel that extra bit stronger. My sister wasย amazing and to know she was so much-loved, truly means soย much. Hopefully I will get back into the swing of writing but as of now it is super hard to stay motivated, bear with me please.

Thank you for everything.

Lot’s of Love

Jade the farmer’s wife





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