Jade the farmer fail or success?

The kids are back to school, the leafs are beginning to fall, the storms have begun and it’s begining to get a lot cooler, meaning only one thing! Summer 2017 is officially over and I am delighted, why you may wonder? Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. They are just so cosy, yummy stews, warm fires, dark nights, wind and rain howling outside while we just snuggle on the sofa chilling out. BLISS!

With Autumn arrived its time to see the produce of my labour and dig the spuds and pick the crops, however they managed to grow after what seemed to be the rainiest of summers. Blahh..

Remember I told you I became a Farmer?On this post?

Well here is how my first veggie farming experience went. Some good, some middling and some failed miserably. Sure it’s all a learning curve ya win some, ya lose some.wp-image--1059283574

First and foremost, my strawberries failed. The weather just killed any flower that tried to grow and anything that did, didn’t last or ripen enough for picking. Raging!

Next up my babies, my tomatoes!! Somebody said you can’t grow tomatoes in Ireland. Well that just made me more eager to grow them. I started them on the window sill in my bedroom as I knew the sun shines there all day everyday and away they went. Filled the whole window, by that stage I couldn’t move them or they would die. I did lose a lot of light in the room but what odds, they grew! What I did get was worth it. Heaps of juicy red tomatoes exactly like you would buy in the shops. Did I mention I’m allergic to tomatoes so I actually can’t eat them but anyone that tasted them said they were lovely. Very sweet.


My onions, spring onions and beetroot failed! My bad, I didn’t thin them out enough so they hadn’t enough room to grow. Lesson learned.

Snap peas, James actually planted these so he took them on as his babies. So fun watching them grow into proper pods. We pick one or two every few days, the kids love eating them and they hate peas.

The cream of the crop award goes to my purdies! Yup they were just perfect! We have had many dinner from them so far and dished a few bags out to family and friends, they all agree they are so creamy, they are divine. High five me lol. Next year, we will definitely drill a few lines down the field. Stock pile for winter 2018. I was a bit optimistic about having spuds throughout this winter haha more like two weeks worth, maybe a month if I didn’t share lolwp-image-318005256

I got one cabbage haha I planted approx 12 lol. I picked a few leafs for dinner but didn’t like the taste. Very very strong ugh.wp-image--1888577170

I’m still waiting on my peppers, they are beginning to turn red now which is exciting.wp-image--2086645311

Gem lettuce silly me, I buy it in shop so presumed I could grow it. Well it did grow but I mean not much picking from it. One lettuce would do a side salad. Next year I’ll go for ould fashion butter head or something.

So it was just trial and error this year, I enjoyed it but my god it was a full-time job looking after all the crops lol. Watering, de-weeding etc Maybe I’ll plant less next year make more success. It was fun, I loved checking them all as the summer went on and being able to make lunch & dinner from the garden. Definitely was satisfying.wp-image--669555690

If you want to try yourself next year I recommend buying sets, and trays which have already been started in greenhouses. Much easier and your more than certain they will grow.

Happy growing

Jade the farmer’s wife


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  1. Bernie says:

    Well done jadethefarmerswife God loves a tryer and you sure tried, your tomatoes and spuds look great, fair play to you (first time farmer) so be very proud of yourself and enjoy


    1. Thank you Bernie, your right doesn’t hurt to try. Got a few meals anyways thank God


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