Heroes come to light

This day last week the people of Inishowen where awakened with heartache, despair and disbelief.

From the mass destruction, wreckage and carnage the storm the night before had caused.

So much rain fell in the space of 8 hours that rivers burst banks, houses flooded, fields distroyed, roads gave way and bridges washed away. Stuff of nightmares or what you would see in a horror movie.FB_IMG_1504083374636

The fact nobody was seriously injured or killed is beyond a miracle. There was so many people rescued from cars and houses in the dark of night.

The community spirit and help in this county is unreal, neighbours and friends helping people stranded in the middle of the night and strangers lending a helping hand to people in need. People lost everything, houses completely destroyed, land wiped away. One farmer lost 150 silage bales down the river. While other farmers lost their animals, sheep, dogs and cattle. A boxing club completely wiped out. Peoples homes made in to islands as their only way in and out washed away. Two of the most scenic beautiful walks in the world Swans Park and Glenevin both distroyed.

Thats when the community steps up. Gaa clubs, Football clubs, Boxing associations, Tidy towns committees, Schools, Farmers and ordinary people just pulled together, helped fix what they could or make safe what can’t be fixed.

The good people of Buncrana have opened a donation shop. They need anything from household furniture to tins of beans, basically anything you can imagine not living without. These people lost everything, if you can please donate. You can get in touch here

A charity concert has been organised with huge stars like Daniel O Donnell, Nathan Carter and Declen Nearney to name a few in the Aura centre Letterkenny on the 3rd September. Its just so amazing how quick that was arranged. From the country stars pulling together to the people of Donegal, the support is unreal. You can check where to get tickets or buses etc here Inishowen flood aid

There is Go fund pages set up for families in need and donations, I will link as many as I know here. Every little helps and if you know of any more send me a message, I’ll post them up

Well done to all our local heroes, our little community would be nothing with out you.

I for one I’m very proud to call my home Donegal and very proud of our community support.

They reckon the damage will cost millions in clean up, but one thing for sure is the support of the Donegal community is priceless.

Lots of love

Jade the farmer’s wife


For further info and support contact the Donegal county council

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