Tranquility Ireland, Dream houses

Ever fancied a weekend or a few days away with a few friends or a lot of friends? But can’t find accommodation to fit everyone? Well look no further than the most amazing self catering accommodation that I have ever stayed in

Tranquillity Ireland In Carlingford Co. Louth.


There is no better way to describe these holiday homes. I was bridesmaid last year, so of course had to throw a hen party and Carlingford was top of the list in Ireland. As soon as I Googled places to stay, Tranquillity Ireland came up and as soon as I set eyes on the place I knew we had to stay there. There are four different houses to choose from

The House sleeps 3221078869_969161623223492_2151848536647007955_n

The Cottage (not a cottage like mine) sleeps 1821105802_969034943236160_3664611754437307564_n

The Lodge sleeps 32 21078348_968656213274033_2136414594470785102_n

The Villa sleeps 2220664814_958763300929991_1473824373943064801_n


Furnished to perfection with the most amazing sea views over Carlingford lough. These are the kind of houses if you won the Euro millions you would buy and quite happily retire in.

I messaged them straight away hoping we wouldn’t need a millionaires budget to stay! Much to my delight we didn’t, the price to stay was just as cheap as some other places we looked at with less WOW factor. So needless to say I booked immediately probably around 8 months in advance.

Just so happens my best friend was getting married and she too was having her hen in Carlingford, staying in the same accommodation. Woohoo! I got to experience Carlingford twice in the one year and lap up the luxury both times. Fantastic little town, about four pubs with live music coming from all angles and the craic bouncing from place to place. Everything is in walking distance perfect for ladies and high heels. Both visit’s unique and different experiences but both just as brilliant as each other.


Patricia from Tranquility contacted me a few day’s prior to our arrival, to see if we needed anything i.e. transport to town, hen party butlers or anything. She was so good and had a few surprises of her own for the hen on arrival. I headed on down before the Hen bus and set up decorations etc. and met Patricia at the house. She arranged for dinner to be brought to the house for us and we had butlers, along with some games and drinks. It was wonderful, great way for everyone to catch up and gather their stamina after a 3 hour bus journey.

The best thing about self catering is the fact you can bring your own, booze, food and anything really. It’s your house for the weekend. The other hen I was on had a musician come play in the house the first night we arrived so we had our own disco party in our pj’s. It was amazing craic, we danced all night laughing and giggling living the high life. Both weekend’s we brought breakfast food and whoever was least hung over cooked. Everybody else could just laze around in their jammies soaking in the scenery while spending quality time with the girls or take a walk and see the sights ha I obviously both times choose the jammies experience.

Perfect kitchen for entertaining
Such a view

We loved it so much, we’re planning a full on family getaway shortly kid’s and all. Carlingford has so much to do, from water sports to abseiling to golf. There is something for every member of the family and what better way to spend a family weekend than all together. Check out Jake Carter’s latest song filmed in one of Tranquillity’s fabulous houses here.

If you’re looking to book be quick, this place is like gold dust.

Check out their Facebook here.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Jade the farmer’s wife


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