Farmer Jade

I have shown people that follow my social sites what todays post is all about already, as I do a lot of quick posts on social media like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat daily for the Farmer’s wife. As quite frankly I don’t have the spare hours every day to write a blog, so quick snaps here & there keeps my followers in the loop of everyday life.

Back in April I decided seeing as it’s our first summer in the country and on the farm that I would take on my own kinda farmer role.

A veggie farmer!

Away I went and googled like mad how to grow vegetables at home, when to plant veggies, what kinda veggies, but more important how to grow veggies in Ireland. As you know we just don’t have the glorious weather the rest of Europe has in summer. Armed with knowledge and the do’s and don’t I went on my mission to buy seeds, some starter trays and onion sets. Oh and to let my spuds sit in the dark until they sprouted seedlings. To this year grow I chose.

  • Roosters
  • Maris pipers
  • Red onions
  • Spring onions
  • Gem lettuce
  • Beetroot
  • Tomatoes (growing in my bedroom window)
  • Pepper (growing next to tomatoes)
  • Regular onions
  • Cabbage
  • Snap peas
  • Strawberries
  • Radish

Wow when you see it listed I really went to town for my first experiment on veggie growing.

I showed my hubby some raised beds I had seen on Google and asked would he make me them, he would have but lucky enough he knew where he could get boxes exact same, that was just used for storage. So he brought two big wooden 7 foot long boxes by 3 foot wide boxes home. They sort of looked like coffins haha had freaked me out. Being the best that he is, he went to one of the fields and dug up the some soil and filled the veggie boxes up for me.

On with the gloves #excited

I planted one box full of spuds in a zig zag pattern. I read online you can keep the spuds for all winter if you store them correctly, so I planted lots of them. If the spuds do succeed this year, the plan is to have a few drills in a field next year. Plenty purdies for the farmer.

The next box I filled with the regular,spring & red onions along with lettuce, beetroot & cabbage. I have no idea if they will make it but so far they are looking good. When I was planting I had no idea how many seeds to pour, so me being me went and poured to many. When they sprouted and started growing up I had to thin them out. I felt like a murderer lol. I have to weed the boxes regularly which is a torture.

I water the boxes everyday depends on how much rain we have and I feed them once a week. Takes me about 20 minutes every evening, James always helps and some days if I’m not here or too tired he waters them for me. He is so excited watching everything grow.

20170803_103953The strawberries, peas & radish have their own pots as do the tomatoes & peppers. So far we have had lots of strawberries and the tomatoes are getting bigger and bigger but still green. The tomatoes take much more watering, maybe twice a day. Again depends on the weather. They are my babies, I spend ages checking them every night. They do need a lot of attention, I am constantly searching for suckers and nipping them off. Suckers are little branches that grow between the stem and shoot, they take away all the plants energy for producing tomatoes.

PeppersSo far so good, I actually can’t wait to hopefully sit and have a nice salad with my very own harvest (fingers crossed). Plus for anything we won’t eat I will send wee packages to the family or maybe get the kids to do a farm shop hah make some pocket-money.

I will off course keep you updated when harvesting happens and show you the fruits/veggies of my labour.

Jade the farmer’s wife


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bernie says:

    Brilliant well done you, and you’re we gem lettuce was lovely as was you roster spud


    1. Haha the wee rooster.. can’t wait to eat a whole salad lol


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