Summer Holiday Bucket List 

The kid’s are off for summer this weekend which means two thing’s

A. Long lazy morning’s

B. Bored children (stressed out mum)

I decided this year I would have the kids write down a list of things they would absolutely love to do this summer. A bucket list!

Since Darcy arrived I have been extra tired and find planning any sort of days away super hard. Like it just doesn’t happen as easily as it used to. Wouldn’t take a fizzle out of me before, to pack all our belongings and head away at the drop of a hat. We used to go away every few weeks to England, Tegan & James would have been on more airplanes than most adults but as late they can hardly get their mum into the car. The 3rd baby really takes it out of ya.

Anyway here are the two super cuties, all excited writing their list.

The Bucket List

I can’t promise they will tick of each and every entry but i will make a damn good attempt to complete the list, within reason obviously. The good thing about a list written down is that we can at least plan ahead, choose weekends for special trips and plan trips where we can steal daddy away from work & farm duties and take him along with us.

You should give it a go, a little extra excitement for the kiddos coming to the end of school.

At the end of every week we are going to print our adventure pictures, then make a scrap-book of memories at the end of the holidays. Something to treasure when they are older. Perhaps we will grow it and make it annual, add more and more each year. There would be thousands of happy memories to recall.

Here is some of their little wishes..

The Little Farmer’s List

I don’t know about the little one’s, but I am super excited for this. Plus I can keep you all updated on some of the days out. Suggest good idea’s for you to do with your family.

Happy last week of PEACE!

Jade the farmer’s wife




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bernie says:

    That’s a great idea doing the list , so that should keep yous all buzy over the summer months well done you .enjoy ticking off the boxes .


  2. sue says:

    well done Tegan@ James great little active minds lets hope weathers beautiful xx


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