Child’s farm, miracle cream

Ok so  I somehow found myself following Child’s farm on Facebook for a while (must have been the name attracted me) and I have been reading and seeing all the reviews and pictures that costumers were sending in and the company was posting.

Now I mean 100% positive reviews, so obviously I could not wait to try it out myself, not actually thinking I’d need a reason.

Childs farm is a British company and its main focus is kids happy in their own skin, even kids with sensitive and eczema prone skin. Without the use of all the bad ingredients, only naturals ingredients go into their products and the little packaging is so cute, they even hae a wee cartoon on sky and youtube.
✓  Dermatologically tested and approved
✓  Paediatrician approved
✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards
✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin
✓  98% naturally derived ingredients
✓  Made with organic essential oils
✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours
✓  Never tested on animals, only on people

So when I had seen that Inish Pharmacy in Buncrana stocked it I got all excited and had to buy some. Now it just so happens Darcy developed baby eczema at about 5 months old so I had already been using creams, lotions and potions to try to get rid of it from her chubby little cheeks, arms and legs.

I was hell-bent on finding a cure and none of the creams where working and to be fair they weren’t very cheap either. So when I seen the child’s farm products I thought hallelujah this has to work. I bought the Little travel pack as I didn’t want to jump in and buy the moisturiser in case it didn’t work. The pack has 4 travel size bottles of moisturiser, shampoo, hair detangle spray and an all in one body wash shampoo. It was like €8.95 but totally worth and I’m glad I opted for that as I got to try out all products and see myself how good these products are.

I am not lying, as soon as I put the Moisturiser on Darcy, her skin immediately felt better, felt hydrated. I put it on morning and night and no joke after the first day, yes the first day her eczema cleared. No more redness, no more dryness just baby soft skin. It’s a miracle cream. I even started using it on my own dry skin and it works a treat. Smells great too. I have been using it a few weeks now and no sign of her eczema returning. I only use it now every other day and it’s still not returning.

clear, baby soft skin
After Childs farm, Happy Skin

So then I had the other two kids run for showers and try the body shampoo and they where more than willing to test out, the fun bottles had them intrigued. There was plenty dirt to be washed anyway and they both agreed they loved it, the smell, the bubbles and the feeling of freshness. I think they felt grown up so to speak, they have their very own bath range now instead of the baby stuff lol

Tegan is eleven, and has long hair all down her back, beautiful hair but she sometimes neglects to brush so needless to say the knots and tangles are lovely. Typical pre teens likes to have her hair in all fashions heading to school and majority of the time, she screams and moans when I brush it and try to fix it. She also has a very dry scalp but her hair would get greasy a lot, I would make her condition her hair (take out knots). So she used the hair and body wash and wow her hair smelt great and along with a wee spray of the detangling and the brush just glided through her hair plus no dreaded dandruff. No tears, no drama just silky smooth hair. Plus her hair hasn’t been greasy as she had no need for conditioner.

Obviously I ran back to Inish Pharmacy and bought the bigger bottles, which I think are great value €4.50 for 250 ml bottles. Inish pharmacy have a great range in stock, the organic hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, sensitive bubble bath and they just got the nappy cream I’ll have to try that next. Don’t take my word for it though, try it and you like me will no doubt be amazed.

You can order on-line here, before 3pm, get free next day delivery or free click and collect in store. Plus Inish pharmacy are very kindly giving 10% off your Child’s farm order if you enter FARMERSWIFE at the checkout and trust me you really should try it.

Chat soon

Jade the farmer’s wife


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  1. Bernie says:

    GREAT NAMED PRODUCTS FOR jadethefarmerswife well said im sure they’ll be selling quickly as your a great sales person .


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