We Won, Lip Sync Battle Buncrana 2017

 Oh my god, all I can say about the lip sync battle is AMAZING!! What a night, so fun, full of adrenaline and laughter.

If you seen my post last week Sister act or scary act??, then you know I was petrified, I mean so scared to get on stage, dance my big booty off and shame myself in front of the town. I am now so glad I did it, I actually want to do it again it was so much fun.

We got asked only a month ago to take part in the lip sync battle by a very persistent committee member for Buncrana’s Own Children in Need. At first we said NO WAY! but the more we thought about it, the more we thought sure why not it’s for a good cause, a really good cause. The work this charity do is outstanding, they raise funds for children in our community that are fighting an illness or disability. This group was set up to help families with costs and support for the kids, even days out or little gifts. They run a few events a year, each of them superb and like I said a very worthwhile cause.

So the decision had to be made, what will we do? Nolan sisters? little mix? spice girls? All wonderful acts but also what would be expected. So my sister Dawn came to the table do Lady marmalade from Moulin rouge. Hahah not that we think we are anyway near as sexy or could pull it off but at least it would be wildly entertaining and shock the life out of the audience.

Pink, Christina, Mya and Lil Kim

Dance rehearsals were so much fun, Elizabeth Curran from Studio 47 took us under her wing and turned our left feet into happy feet. She worked a miracle and learnt us our routine. We just hit it, nail in head the week of the battle, but then we had to learn the words hah that threw us all out of sync altogether. I don’t know how she had the patience but she did, she is amazing. Not only did Elizabeth work with us, but 11 other acts and produced a group finally act all while doing her own work, never once scolding. She is one in a million.

The Plaza was transformed magnificently, truly professional by Fundraising ideas Ireland and Uk. The set was amazing, the lights and the live action camera set up was brilliant, it was so professional. This company does a lot of charity events and I’ve been to a few, each one the level of professionalism is beyond amazing. If your ever looking for a charity night give them a call. The stage props were great, made by a very talented local teacher Rois Deeney, her artistic talents are unreal. You can see some her work on the main street Buncrana, in the windows of the derelict buildings. Our giant heart was unreal, exactly like the video.

Then on to the fun part, the transformation. My mother is a marvellous costume designer, she has dressed hundreds of people from Buncrana and beyond so of course she helped us go from drab to fab. Now the lady marmalade girls leave little to the imagination so we needed to find a way to look like them but not completely under dressed. We ordered our corsets on eBay and bought net, cut it into strips and formed tutus. I think they turned out great, next we just added plenty bling bling from our jewellery boxes.


Our transformation would not have been complete without the very kind charitable donation from Lisa at Harkin Hairdressing. Lisa and her staff gave up their lovely bank holiday Sunday to transform eight acts for the night. Thankfully we nabbed a space and got in first thing Sunday morning. We all headed up and straight away we were offered prosecco while we were made fab. Our hair was brushed, curled, buffed and sprayed to suit our looks and my god she did a fantastic job. Our make up was just perfect, touches of shimmer for the dramatic effects and bright lips to make an impact. The make up lasted the whole day and into the night. Just amazing work. Thank you girls.

Throughout the group training we met the other acts, there was some variety from Tina Turner, Rod steward, Rihanna, Elsa, Susan Boyle, Daniel O’Donnell, Meghan Trainor, Village people and so on. Each and every person was so nice and like us nervous but looking forward to the night. We had such a laugh, I reckon if your ever asked to do something like this for charity go for it.

We had an amazing night, we obviously had a few vodkas to calm the nerves before hand but over all was great. Every committee member looked after us all so well, made sure we had everything we needed. They went above and beyond and I wish them all the best with their charity work.

Now as I promised here you can view the video of Tara, Dawn, Lynn and Jade strutting their stuff to Lady marmalade watch it here on You Tube.

Sure you may watch the rest of the videos too, they are great fun thanks to HQ Videos

Oh and how could I forget to say


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