Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to their new home in Katie’s cottage!

Sayย hi to our new pet’s/animals/food supply.

Tom, Dick & Harry.

ย The kid’s named them hahaย Iย didn’t want to correct the fact they just gave three girls boys names, beats cluckity, cluck, cluck. ย 


Three fresh eggs a day and they are soooo nice. So fresh, they don’t even compare to shop bought eggs, the colour is so vibrant, the eggs are massiveย and they taste divine. Might add a few more Hens andย get a half-dozen eggs a day.

I couldn’t wait to get chickens even though I’ve never been within two feet of a hen in my life, I always wanted a few for the fun. I’ve been googling everything, what they eat, when they eat, when they lay etc.ย I told you I was going back to school moving to the country, forever learning.


James is so excited running out to check for the eggs everyday, asking me to make him scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner (egg overload). They are the nicest little things to watch, pecking away at the grass verges along the lane to the farm minding their own business, not a care in the world. It’s like old-time Ireland you would see in the movies. Peaceful.

Anyone needs eggs let me know haha I doubt we’ll eat them everyday.


My Mum reckons we should call the cottage Noah’s ark. In the space of two months we haveย moved a dog, a cat, two fish, a pony, 4 calf’s and 3 chickens toย the farmย with us. Ever expanding Doherty’s what next??

Chat soon

Jade the farmer’s wife