Ten things I’ve found being married to a farmer


It was our wedding anniversary yesterday, we celebrated our second year as Mr & Mrs, although we’ve been a couple a lot longer, time does fly. Today as I was driving the kids to school, I started thinking how I married Gavin two years ago as just Gavin, since moving to the farm I found myself married to a farmer. Sounds silly as he’s always been a farmer but we have never lived on a farm, so I thought I’d list out what it’s really, really like being married to a farmer so far that I know. I have a wee list of ten real life situations, give me another ten years and I’m sure that list will grow.


I find myself in the house alone a lot, after work the cows need feed, the tractor needs fixed, grass needs cut etc. The list goes on.


He’s always, and I mean always hungry and looking for a cuppa tea (fresh air must equal thirst and I’d sooner look for a wee glass of wine or two).


I am always and I mean always cooking, yet dinner time could consist of me calling about three times to come in or it will get cold. Ha I did that twice, I now know to leave it in the oven (might get eating two hours later).


Some mornings he’s gone before the sun rises, I mean the middle of the night. Them cows need fed.


Anything outdoor needs done, it’s done. Anything indoors!! I’ve learned to do myself (I am a dab hand at nailing chunks off the wall and hiding it with a pretty frame lol).


The smell!! WOW the smell of cow’s s**t, it just reeks! It’s always outside and now finds its way inside on mucky feet. Lets not forget the manure all over the clothes! My washing machine is doing a marathon every freaking day.


Let’s not forgot what is approaching and I dread the day. Turf season! Morning, noon and night is spent in the bog! Head down, ass up, back broken and neck burnt. Cutting, footing, dragging and bagging turf. And that’s a family affair, pack a lunch and off you go (I need to find an excuse to miss it this year, washing my hair wont cut it). The only saving grace is the sun tan lol


Bank holidays are no longer an excuse for a family trip somewhere! Well it is, if you consider the mart a family trip (Tegan and James do, to be fair. They love it). The last two bank holidays have been spent at the mart, I’ve had the greatest peace and quiet though.


Time flies! With these long evenings Gavin and the two kid’s could be out all night, I have to send them a friendly reminder every evening around 8.30 there is school in the morning! Get in, washed and bed!


My husband is super happy, Tegan is happy and James is happy, living the wonderful life of farmer’s and you know what? I am happy! Happy as can be, being the farmer’s wife and now farmer’s mother. Sure you couldn’t beat it.

This is for sure Gavin, hardest working man I know


Chat soon guy’s

Jade the farmer’s wife


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary T says:

    ah Jade ,just think hill is bad wait till ye have to gather spuds,then your back & legs are broke….


    1. Oh God Mary there will be no spuds lol I can imagine the pain


  2. Bernie says:

    Brilliant jadethefarmerswife as always you’ve a great way with words and expressing them so clearly .


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