Easter hunt farm style

There is nothing I love more than throwing a good party, I’m good at it. From birthdays, to hens, dinner party’s, but especially kids party’s. I am a big kid at heart and always plan what I would love as a kid. So being Easter and the first year on the farm I thought  what better party to throw than an Easter egg hunt farm style.

Crafts table

The glory about kids party’s is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Kid’s although seem to be the biggest critics, are pretty happy with anything to keep them occupied. So I headed in to Derry to pound world and stocked up in Easter games, eggs, chocolate, plates etc. I spent 70 euro in total thats food and all.

Tegan is off on her holidays and will be away Easter Sunday so I had to throw party mid-week, invites went out with the most important information BRING WELLIES!! The kids are off all week on holidays so it passed a day with lots of laughs, a few trips, a few eggs spilled but sure it was all good fun.

James and Tegan made the bunny at the front door (very last-minute) using A4 paper scissors and colours. A little scary looking but cheap and cheerful.  I sent them over to their granny’s for a half hour while I placed some plastic eggs and some chocolate eggs in little locations across the farm. I got the wee signs in the pound shop directing the kids where to look.

I split them into groups, big cousins/wee cousins. They spent at least 30 minutes searching for eggs and with every little plastic one they found inside was a little note. They either won a prize or they had to do something like 10 star jumps, sing a red neck song or dance like a chicken. Haha was so funny.

After all the egg’s were found they came inside, had some food, counted their eggs and made some cards with paints and stickers. The pound shop is great for little bits like plain cards, paints, brushes, glue, letters etc. Kid’s love them esp. girls, they love creating little masterpieces. They all made cards to take home for mammy and daddy and painted some eggs.


Then we had the games haha was so much fun. They played Spud and spoon races (didn’t want the street wrecked with eggs and I forgot to boil ones) Three legged races, wellie boot throwing, pin the tail on the bunny and Egg toss (that was messy). They had to stand facing each other and toss a raw egg over to their partner, which ever team kept their egg longest without breaking was the winner’s.

Was a great day, they were outside in fresh air enjoying themselves instead of inside watching TV, playing computer games or sitting on phones.

To be fair they all got prizes, each left with two big eggs and a bag of goodies as happy as can be.

Now to plan some more wee adventures even though yesterday has me exhausted lol

Jade the farmer’s wife




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  1. Bernie says:

    Omg jade this is a great read . your such a great mother, story teller, party planner. You just seem so content living the farmers wife life .wish I was a wain getting spoilt like that .


    1. Thank you Bernie Xx


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