I am a big scaredy cat

Ok so I’d like to know where the term quiet country came from? It’s far from quiet! From birds chirping, cows moo-in, sheep Baa-in, tractors scooting all around and a few quads throwing in for good measure..  Quiet my ass!!

Entertaining though? yes very much indeed. I’ve had more laughs living here this last month than I’ve had in ages, from cows helping themselves in the kitchen to calf’s chasing me around the street thinking I’ve food, and newly tagged calf’s running around out the back in the dark of night trying to get their tags off, I swear I thought someone was on the roof running over and back. All this crazy carry on is scaring the heart out of me.

I am by far the worst farmer’s wife ha ha. At least Gavin and kids are finding it funny, they think I’m nuts and I’m beginning to agree.

A lot of people on Facebook thought this was hilarious

Did you ever hear the term astraphobia? Well I have it! Since I’ve been about 4 or 5, or old enough to notice I have been petrified of storms, it’s my worst fear. First sign of thunder and I’m in hiding! My mammy and daddy even call me at 31 years of age to make sure I’m ok and if I’m alone they will come sit with me.  I think I’ll just die if it thunders and am here alone. Even the wind scares the bejesus out of me, I can handle it better but all the same it scares me to death. When we lived in the lovely quiet town (no cows in sight) we were surrounded by houses so I never heard much wind. But by God you hear it out here, half the nights I get wakened up with the most frightful howls of wind.

All the fears are faced in the country, pity I’m even afraid of my shadow!

This is me during a storm lol

On the upside it’s nearly summer so I’m hoping A; We will have a wonderful summer filled with sunshine and very little storms and B; I might be less afraid of the storms come winter 17, I doubt it though.

Thought I might give you a wee laugh this stormy, miserable Monday. While I hide indoors petrified lol

Chat soon

Jade the farmer’s wife


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bernie says:

    Omg jadethefarmerswife you are hilarious the tears are running down face with laughter .can’t wait for the next episode lol


    1. Hahah I know you understand the FEAR lol


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