Fun in the sun for free! Kids love it 

The weather has been so nice lately and it could quite possibly be our summer in Ireland. We have been making hay while the sun shines and enjoying the outdoors. With the kids out playing and having fun I thought I’d help add a little more fun to their day, so we made Bubble snakes with the most simple ingredients ever:

A small plastic bottle

A old sock

Fairy liquid


Splash of fun

I just chopped the end off an old plastic bottle like a diet coke bottle or water bottle, then pulled an old sock over the bottom end of the bottle. Securing the top of the sock over the groves of the bottle. I filled a little lunch tub half way with water added a little fairy liquid and dipped our sock bottles into mixture. The kids then blew through the top and out came these fun shaped bubbles like long snakes. They had such a laugh blowing different shapes and smashing each others bubbles. Wonderful fun for free!!







Now to find some other wee fun things for the kids to do in the sun. I’ll keep you posted.

Jade the farmer’s wife


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