My mum, my best friend x


Mammys are worth more than all the treasure in the world. They have hearts of gold, listen to you when your worried. Praise you when you did good. Comfort you when your sad or sick and never ever leaves your side. In my opinion anyway my mammy is the best person i know.

I think you only truly appreciate mammy when you yourself become a mammy. When you spend everything waking hour worrying about your child and no matter how tired you are, your child comes first. This is when you see, in my case 31 years of selflessness your mother has provided. Not once complaining and raising five independent outspoken daughters has to have been a hard task.


I only hope I turn out to be half the mother of my own. If so my kids will be very very lucky.

I am turning into her though. I hear those annoying words that I promised I’d never say come out of my mouth more times than enough. You know those mammy sayings “if you dont eat your veg you wont be strong”, “Dont make me count to three” etc etc. Those wee mammy words were plastered on the walls at Dublin airport last week and made me laugh so much, as we all heard them and as mothers we all say them.  watch and see, you’ll laugh too.

As it’s mothers day this weekend I thought I’d take a few minutes out to post a thank you to my mammy as not only is she my best friend she’s my rock. I don’t tell her often enough but I love the bones of her she is by far the best person I know.

I would be lost with out her.

My wee mammy is the greatest! Shes one in million she would do anything for my sister’s, me and our children. Day or night she’s only ever a call away and a simple hello from mammy is all the reassurance you need. My mum is my hero, shes had a lot of tough times. Lots of times where she wanted to bury her head under the pillow and some days she still feels like it, but she never does. Why?  Because she’s a mum and as always her children come first. She’s super strong. A warrior! Of course all mum’s are super, but my mums really super.


So I just want to say thank you Mammy. Thanks for dragging me to school when I was a horrible teenager. Thanks for always answering those silly questions i asked over and over. Thanks for making me believe I could achieve greatness (that’s a work in progress). Thanks for feeding us and putting a roof over our head. Thanks for moulding me to be the woman I am today. Thanks for being the best granny to the kids. Thanks for being a wonderful seamstress over the years and producing some of the most amazing costumes for the pantomimes. Thank you for always putting everyone first. Thanks for making us little dresses when we were younger, we looked like little dolls. Thanks for the patience you showed us with five minutes to spare to dress us for Halloween, rags to riches! Our last minute annie costumes always won. Thanks for being funny, being kind and always having a laugh. Your by far one of thee most down to earth people i know.

Thanks for being you.

We all love you so much.



If your lucky enough like me to have a wonderful mother in law, thank her. My mother in law is simply amazing. She raised the most amazing son, the love of my life a real gentleman. Plus she adopted me like another daughter, she is a real star. So kind, thoughtful and no matter what, she does everything she can for everybody especially her family. Gavin love his mum to bits as do I and the kids. Thankfully she’s more like a best friend than a mother in law.


Blessed amongst the best.

Hug your mammys and even daddies this mothers day. They deserve to be spoilt and told how much they mean to you. You never know when you might not get that chance again. Appreciate every single moment,nagging and all, as after all mammy is the only person that loves you more than the world no matter what.


Jade the farmer’s wife


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  2. Jane says:

    I agree your mammy is exceptional 💗 Such a lovely lady cherish her 💗


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