Hello country life!!

Wow what a crazy hectic week it’s been and to be honest I wouldn’t get too excited about this blog post as I am sooo sooo tired. Brains not very active. The joys of a baby, two big kids, a dog, husband and a big move.

So we are officially country folk!

We made the big move from town to country. It still seems a little surreal to be honest, I think I’m on my holidays in the most amazing little cottage somewhere in rural Ireland.ย 

My wee heart broke on Wednesday, I literally cried most of the day. We left the first home we ever bought, the home my Mammy grew up in, the home I danced on my uncle Jim’s toes. The home was Tegan grew from a girl to a little lady, James went from baby to big boy and where Darcy spent her first few months of life. No 3 also has the threshold Gavin carried me over after our wedding. It’s been a brilliant home, filled with a million happy memories and I was ever so sad to leave.

Bricks and mortar aren’t what makes a house a home though. It’s the love, laughter & friendship of the people in it and thankfully those people are moving countryside with me. So I’ll be happy out.

This week the paint brushes were set down, the floors fitted and the electrical items hooked up except for tv & broadband (bye-bye super speedy internet). We finally made the cottage our home and I love it I truly do. It’s so pretty, warm and cosy. I even made the dinner on the stove haha who thought that would ever happen.

I promised a before and after picture of my kitchen up cycle so here it is. It may not be huge but it’s functional and i love it.

Old kitchen
New shabby chic style kitchen

Annie Sloan eat your heart out. I think it’s class although we will have to wait and see how long it lasts with the wear and tear of family life. The contact paper or sticky back plastic as it’s called in Homebase worked amazing, it was tricky enough, it kept getting trapped bubbles but we just went slow and it’s perfect.

The look of fear

The cottage isn’t huge, it’s perfectly proportioned. Why is it anyway in the 21st century everyone expects huge properties? I for one am glad to have a small house, I don’t have to walk a millions of miles (slight exaggeration) to get Darcy a change of clothes when she spews for the 3rd time in a day lol

Tegan and James are as happy as can be already out feeding cows and chasing them in James’ case.

However hard it was to leave the town I think we’ll do well here. Now the fun blogs can start, I hear there’s a few cows about to calf haha

I also have to thank my followers for the sofa search from my blog http://wp.me/p8nVbZ-1v. We picked up this little patchwork sofa at a bargain. It fits in lovely its shabby chic, country-style and super comfy.

So pretty, inside & out

Here’s a few wee pic’s of the things I just LOVE.

Love this Penneys rose gold wall clock
Tea anyone?
Sneak peak of my bedroom I freaking love it

Even wee Darcy is happy out


Must stop writing and head on here, get the dinner ready, that’s what country women do.

Jade the farmer’s wife


P.S. If you’re looking for a painter/decorator in Inishowen I highly recommend Stephen at Handy hands Donegal painter & decorator, he did a fantastic job painting the cottage. It wasn’t an easy job. The walls are over 200 years old, lots of lumps & bumps but the paint and wallpaper is perfect. Not one fault and the whole house was finished in four days.

You can contact Handy hands here.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    We wish you all every happiness in your new home. Good luck with the farming side of it ๐Ÿ˜Š


    1. Thanks Donna it’s gonna be fun anyway lol


  2. Simone says:

    Jade I hope you all have many happy years in your beautiful new home, I’m sure there will be many happy memories in the country. Xx


    1. Thanks Simone Xx


  3. Margaret Tierney says:

    Love the blog Jade ….. inside the cottage looks lovely…….. i would love to see a photo of the outside of the cottage. My friend has a beautiful one in Mayo ….. keep writinv


    1. Thanks Margaret I’ll post a nice pic once ive flowers and all done.. x


  4. Kathleen Hynes says:

    Looks absolutely stunning & soooo you honey. I noticed your Mum helping out with the counter work ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Keep the blogs going. Xxx


    1. Thanks Kathleen, off course she was there haha she knows all the diy stuff the best xx


  5. Love to read your blog Jade! Hi from USA, I’m newly farmers wife ( Can I say 8months is newly wed ๐Ÿ˜ฌ ). Can’t wait to read more blog from you in Ireland ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Hi Sari congratulations on your wedding (8 month’s is still new) hope you enjoy the blog, you might get the urge to share farm stories also, sure isn’t it great being the farmer’s wife Xx


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