Reuse, recycle & relove 

Ever since I was a teenager I loved painting my room & redoing old bits of furniture. I mean most girls wanted to dress up and do hair, I wanted to paint. My mum was great, as much as she dreaded me saying “can I paint that?” she always agreed. Anything and everything she would always let me do. From having my friends sign their name all over my walls and I mean all over the wall to feet prints on the ceiling she agreed. Like I literally cut sponges the shape of my feet and walked blue prints from the door to the bed over the ceiling. She always scolded, telling to me to take my time and be careful, but she always encouraged me and let me do as I wished. I suppose it’s from then I got my love of redo/recycle. I once painted drawers bright pink with yellow flowers on the side, which is still in mammy’s garage.
As the years went on my love for home decor grew, designing rooms, making headboards and vamping things up. I love decorating but I also love bargains! If I can reuse I will. I’m constantly browsing for inspiration on the internet and magazines. Forever thinking of my next project. If it’s not redoing the house, its how to decorate for occasions like Christmas or birthday parties even Easter and Halloween. I always look for something quirky and amazing. If I see something beautiful in a second-hand shop I have to urge myself not to buy it, I don’t need it!

When the time came for the cottage my head started going over drive, what to do here, what to do there and so far the place looks great. I cant wait to see it finished.

For the time being we are renovating the old kitchen that was in the cottage as we will be extended shortly with a brand spanking new kitchen. So the task was on for me how to make it our kind of beautiful. I was looking up new doors, wrapping it and even making little curtains for the doors (serious cottage style) but came to the conclusion, Annie Sloan it. I had a lovely blue chalk paint left over from upcycling an old wardrobe for James’ room, so I thought I’d try a bit see how it went and wow it just covered the door perfect. No priming, no prepping just paint it on. That’s the glory of chalk paint it covers most surfaces with very little effort.


My sister and niece helped me paint. Encouraged with a bottle of wine, we covered the kitchen in no time. We even went on to paint the tiles using rustoleum paint. The fumes! I think we were high on fumes (mixed with wine) the giggles was ridiculous. Paint party’s are the way forward so much fun.

I gave it another coat the following day and it looked wonderful. The paint dried perfect, no streaks or anything, maybe that’s my amazing painting skills haha but I doubt it. I gave it a wee varnish this evening, so far so good. I’ll need to give it another coat of varnish tomorrow, hopefully that will be it.

I bought the cutest little door knobs in Homebase to help tie in the vintage theme. Little round cream ceramic knobs with pretty pink & blue flowers, perfect for our kitchen. Next step is to cover the work surface with contact paper. Its peel and stick stuff, which isn’t expensive its like 8.99 a roll which covers 2 meters. Its washable, water proof and looks good. I picked up the most amazing white marble effect again in Homebase. I’ve never used it before so slightly nervous I might be left with bubbles and uneven bits so I’ll have to take my time and hope for the best (fingers crossed).

The cuteness
Marble effect contact paper

I can’t wait to show you the end result, i will post a picture as soon as its done. I think it looks great so far and all for approx €60. Bargain!!

I have a couple of other recycling projects happening as well, like giving an old frame a new lease of life, a cute wardobe for Darcys dresses and even an old yankee candle stand getting a redo. I will obviously let you get a peek when they are complete.

Oh and we’ve been making so much noise, shifting and moving our little neighbour came to see what was going on. Noisy wee bugger.

Wee calf wanting to help

Jade The farmer’s wife


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  1. Bernie says:

    Brilliant jade you have a great way with words , looking forward to seeing the final make over


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