The Lily Rose! where everybody goes

A part of blogging is writing all about the things you love and giving your opinions on certain things and sure with all the new changes happening this week I thought what better to write about than The Lily Rose in Buncrana.

I know some will say blah blah blah sure she’s biased and of course she’s going to bum the place up, true I am biased but I’m also extremely honest. For people wondering why I’d be biased let me explain that The Lily Rose is my sister Dawn’s café in Buncrana. Fair enough its my sisters but it’s also my number one choice of breakfast and lunch venue regardless as it is just divine, cosy and you will always find somebody to talk to (need some adult talk some days)

The Lily Rose opened three years ago on Buncrana main street. It has been a dream of Dawns for a lot longer and finally she took the plunge after a change in career. During the riskiest time of all for business, during the dreaded recession. It was a welcome, roaring success in Buncrana as the town lacked of an off street eatery, where you could just pop in and grab a cuppa tea or coffee with out the need of reservation or drive out-of-town.

The interiors is so pretty

The thought and consideration in this place is 5 star gold rated, from the welcome Hello as you arrive to the delightful decor, to the scrumptious food it’s more than what you expect from a local café. The place never empties from people walking of the main street after a little shopping, work colleagues meeting for lunch or friends just meeting for a catch up. The ambience is great, sounds of laughter and people enjoying their break.  The customers are as friendly as the staff and the interaction between them is something else, great craic. Don’t just take my word that is it the place to eat, check out TripAdvisor

The food speaks for itself, Divine!

For breakfast there is off course the usual full Irish but there is also the many other slimming options like poached eggs, omelette or porridge. New to the menu this week is my all time favourite buttermilk pancakes with maple bacon and maple syrup (I already feel clothes getting tight) or sourdough bread topped with spinach and poached eggs yum yum. Watered down with everyones favourite loose tea or java republic coffee.

Loads of options for breakfast

The lunch menu is endless, so much salad, you can have a sandwich of choice on plain bread or Panini, Ciabatta, Sourdough or Bap. For colder days a bowl of freshly made soup (sells out everyday)with homemade wheaten bread is as must or the new homemade pies made fresh everyday or perhaps the Quiche served with side salad. I can’t say one specific meal is the best as everyone has their own personal favourites but if I were to choose id pick an old classic baked potato with beans and cheese and salad. The portions are huge, if I be sneaky and leave lunch to three’ish it normally does me for lunch and dinner. New to the menu this week is beetroot and feta salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, peppers and balsamic dressing sounds delicious or “The Lily” roast beef, vine tomatoes, mustard and rocket leaf served on sourdough bread which is also locally made from True Loaf Microbakery here in Inishowen.

The goodies are in a league of their own, the dessert fridge never stays full for long. All homemade by a wonderful baker, there is anything from caramel squares, assortments of cakes like chocolate, sponge, red velvet, coffee or carrot. Cream fingers, a variety of scones, blondies, cheesecake (lots of flavours) or well-known local favourites like green  buns and chocolate apple creams and OMG they are tasty little devils. Treats served with hot chocolate, cream and marshmellows! Yes bad for the lbs but so worth it.


Yummy yummy yummy


Am I making you hungry? I know where I’m heading for lunch today lol

The decor is  so stunning inside, bright airy and very much remembrance of your grannies with the use of old crockery and tea pots. Did you know there is a secret patio area out back with views of The Swilly ? Not so secret anymore. It’s a beautiful place to relax, on a warm summers day with a cuppa coffee and a book. It’s like a little haven off the main street.

I said to myself “don’t write more than 500 words Jade you’ll bore everyone” but I couldn’t help it, so much love for The Lily Rose and praise for my sister for her wonderful achievement, she is constantly working to improve and maintain high standards, she never switches off. I did ramble a little, my apologies but if your a regular of The Lily Rose you will understand the rant as it really is more than a café its the heart of Buncrana. If you haven’t tried it yet then make The Lily Rose your first port of call when you’re in town, The wonderful staff will help with local attractions, good ideas for nights out and anything else you’d like to know.

Great food served with great staff, its hard to beat.

Jade the farmer’s wife


Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
The Full Irish


Afternoon tea?


Cosy and cute

Photography by Andrejs Plavins at Inspired studio,




7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane says:

    💗 I’ve experienced the Lilly rose lovely place to eat 💗 great warm welcoming service evertine you go
    I love this little town 💗 A must to visit 💗


    1. It sure it Jane hope you return soon x


  2. Bernie says:

    Great Cafe the Lily Rose the staff are very friendly and the place itself is very warm and cosy, a must call into when your in town .


    1. It sure is Bernie x


  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Sounds lovely. I think it’s where my sister & niece go when they are shopping. My sister is 92 so doesn’t get out much but she loves stopping there for coffee…or lunch…whenever she can.
    I live in Australia so cannot visit but I love to hear of small businesses doing well. Good luck to the Ivy Rose long may she prosper


    1. Aw thats lovely to hear. The staff in The Lily Rose are great to older people so kind and considerate. Hopefully you’ll get to visit soon x


  4. Margaret Smith says:

    Sounds lovely. I think it’s where my sister & niece go when they are shopping. My sister is 92 so doesn’t get out much but she loves stopping there for coffee…or lunch…whenever she c.
    I live in Australia so cannot visit but I love to hear of small businesses doing well. Good luck to the Lily Rose long may she prosper


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