Cool kids bedroom ideas


Hey all

Thought I’d share my little bargains I got in Aldi today for the kids room.

Poor Tegan and James will have to share a bedroom for a while until renovations are complete (hopefully not long). They don’t mind as they hang out in each others rooms a lot anyway watching movies and playing games.

So any way I’ve been searching for a gender neutral colour scheme that both of them will like, something fun and colourful. I was out doing my weekly shop and bam there is an array of cool kids bedroom stuff in the Aldi specials. So obviously I bought a few wee pieces. If you’re looking to redo kids room I highly recommend head there as the stuff is cheap and very much cheerful.

Here’s a few bits I lifted

My Aldi haul
The duvets are reversible so can change the look about
These cushions are super cute

Bunting is so funky
Little mat for the floor

There is a few other bits and bobs I’ll need to add like lights, curtains and wall hangings. I’l upload a wee image when it’s complete.

Penneys also have the coolest kids homeware that wont break the bank. Like clothes they grow out of it so quick, no point spending a fortune.

Lucky for wee Darcy she’ll have her own nursery and oh my I cant wait to get that finished. Little Princess 👑

Here’s a link to the other amazing offers in Aldi this week,

Jade the Farmer’s wife


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