Parents so young, so long ago

As I sit at my laptop trying to think of something interesting to write about, I shout to my eldest girl Tegan to go see to her baby sister that just woke from her nap. Tegan jumps up, runs over and starts to talk to her and keep her entertained for me so I can write. She is the greatest help.

Seeing Darcy in her big sisters arms makes me so happy but reminds me of eleven years ago when Tegan was the baby and it makes me realise how we’re getting old and our baby has growing up, she’s nearly a teenager. I know she’s not grown up but she’s way more independent than id like.

The cuteness of Tegan as a baby was unreal, bright blue eyes, rosy red cheeks and little tufts of brown hair. Smiles for all, she was a hyper little baby, wouldn’t sit at peace anywhere and loved the laughs (she still does) she was so lovable and cute and still is only a little more attitude comes with it.

We were so young

To think we were only 19 when Tegan was born is crazy, I actually thought we were grown up haha little did I know we were still children cocooned by our own parents. If it wasn’t for my mammy and Gavin’s mammy I don’t think we could have managed. We hadn’t a clue, to be fair we’re still learning three kids on and we still call on the mammy’s when kids have high temperatures or cut their knees. It’s just reassurance I think from the best mothers we know, to make sure we’re doing ok.

Do I regret having Tegan so young? No. Did I miss out on lots of twenty something fun? Yes. Would I change it? No, never in a million years.

We still had a life, we still hung out with our friends, went on holidays and always had fun. Although hangovers were slightly different, there is no sleeping until dawn with babies and there is ten times more noise for your precious sore head to handle. It is definitely harder, but it only lasts 24 hours. The joy your kids bring is much more valuable and lasts way longer.

Heck we’re still young, we still have decades of parties to attend. There is a few more countries in the world to visit and still plenty things we’d like to do. We’re lucky though, lucky to be able to share all of our adventures with the kids. Tegan and James were able to attend mammy and daddy’s wedding and celebrate our big birthdays, which leaves us all with great memories to cherish.

So happy to have these two as part of our wedding

Life flies in so fast,  mammy always says to me “I still remember you as a little baby, seems like yesterday“. I used to think she exaggerated but now I know like most other things she’s taught me she is bang on. It does fly in, there is alot of crazy times being a parent but there’s alot to smile about, just enjoy every precious moment.

Jade the farmer’s wife


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