Little sofa big search

Sofa’s sofa’s sofa’s!!

I’m trying to find the perfect two-seater for the cottage and it is proving quite the task! I’ve searched everywhere and I do not want to wait for it to arrive in six weeks.

During our visit to Castle Leslie at the weekend I seen at least four that I wanted to sneak out under my arm but I didn’t think we’d have got away with it haha.. Gavin you get the bottom, I get the top and Run!!! Can you imagine!

Seriously though. Why is it when you’re looking for something you can’t find it? and when you aren’t, sure all’s you see is stuff you’d love but you have no need for.

I need a comfy sofa to match this Chesterfield. If any of you see anything similar without a huge price tag please let me know.

This sofa is moving with us 

I  don’t particularly want another Chesterfield but something equally as gorgeous and that matches would be perfect.

Here are some beautiful ideas I sneaked from the castle for our own home.

I’m going to recreate these for our kitchen table

If only they sold these 

Ahh go on, go on, go on!!

This bedroom screams Romance ❤

Now to win the lotto!!

Blog post about our trip coming soon…

Jade the Farmers wife

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