Our Castle Leslie experience 

Gavin and I will be married two years this may  (time flies when your having fun). For our wedding we received a wonderful gift, a blue book hotels voucher. Wonderful little idea for the happy couple to have a night away in hotel of choice. The blue book hotels are hand selected country houses, fancy hotels and wonderful estates. Unique hotels full of grandeur and relaxation.

Having a very hectic life, being pregnant and exhausted we never found the time to book a break until now. With the big move on we thought it would be just lovely to head away alone and see how the other half lives and as I joke find ideas on how to turn our house into a castle.

We booked Castle Leslie in Co. Monaghan and all I can say it WOW what a place. From the moment you reach Glaslough it’s amazing. It’s like a little old enchanting village that time forgot and its a good job as it is so beautiful. The estate itself has the most magnificent gates upon entrance and wonderful little country roads surrounded by ancients old tree’s. It’s a very exciting drive as you can’t wait to see the hotel.

The lodge at Castle Leslie

We booked a lodge classic room as the lodge rooms are a little more up to date than those wonderful castle rooms. We drove to the lodge first and went to check in,  we were greeted by the lovely staff in tartan skirts and waistcoats, so well turned out. The lady left the reception and guided us to our room, up through the narrow hallways, and creaky stairs all steeped in history (if only the walls could talk). It’s good to have the guided walk as you could get lost very handy.
Our room was so beautiful, super high ceilings and old classic interiors (which I love). So charming and cosy with deep red walls, pictures of the estate and horses hang proudly along with original features like sash windows and old radiators. The rooms are huge, plenty space and the bathroom amenities are perfect, great big rainfall showers, handmade toiletries and magnified mirrors (girls best friend).

Gavin and I off on our adventures
Borrowed wellies

After we left our bags off we headed downstairs, grabbed a koffy latte and borrowed some wellies from the estates fantastic boot room (very thoughtful) and headed out to explore the 1000 acres of grounds and lake. We strolled through the tree’s and found the lake WOW it is truly beautiful. Returning an hour or so later, we went to the bar off course so Gavin could watch the rugby. The bar is so cosy, warm and relaxing. The staff was magnificent, super friendly and helpful. We had dinner at the bar and it was divine, fresh ingredients all local and freshly prepared, huge portions as well. We didn’t stay up too long as we were exhausted the joys of a 3 month old baby and teething. When we returned to our room our bed was turned down and as it was Valentine’s weekend a single red rose was left on the bed. Too cute!

Our eldest daughter Tegan has a pony Oscar and she is mad about horses so we thought we would check out the stables attached to the hotel before we left the next morning. We sent her snaps of the stables and her reaction like our was wow they are amazing. So well looked after and the horses were so beautiful. She loved the automatic loungers for walking the horses, lazy 11-year-old lol

We’ll have to take Tegan and Oscar for a stay soon, its super cool they allow you to take your own pony or horse and hack the estate.

The stables

There is a huge variety of other activites on offer at the hotel, clay pigeon shooting, kayaking, falconary and of course a spa with hot tub. Plenty to keep you busy, most other hotel don’t offer any of these. Castle Leslie is a super beautiful, down to earth hotel with plenty to see and do. I can only imagine what weddings are like at the estate, Magnificent.
The break was just what the doctor ordered, we had a wonderful time. Made us realise that before we got married we used to go away alone a lot, maybe once a month but we have neglected that since our life’s have become hectic with three kids. So Gavin and I promised each other we will go away more often. Just us we’ll head off, switch off and relax.

Now where to go next…

Jade the farmer’s wife


Rooms at Castle Leslie


Castle Leslie

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  1. Margaret says:

    Great account of a night away in a truly magnificent castle.

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    1. Thank you Margaret X


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